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25 Facts about NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre

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NKOTB's Joey McIntyre

With the resurgence of boy bands over the last few years, it’s easy to see why 80’s/90’s groups like New Kids on the Block have made a successful comeback. One such member that has thrived in the spotlight is Joey McIntyre – but besides his musical talent, what else do you know about him? We’ve got 25 fun facts for you below, so keep reading to find out more about Joey!

1) He was born on Dec. 31 aka: New Year’s Eve, in 1972, which makes him currently 46 (soon to be 47!) years old.

2) He was born in Needham, Massachusetts, which is a suburb of Boston.

3) He was only 12 years old when he joined New Kids on the Block, which consists of 4 other members: Donnie Wahlberg, Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, and Jonathan Knight.

4) Joey actually was the one to replace Mark Wahlberg aka: Marky-Mark, when he left the band in 1985.

5) When NKOTB split in the late 90’s, Joey went out on his own, recording an album called Stay the Same. This led to him signing with Sony in 1999 as a solo act.

6) You may have seen him in the 2013 movie The Heat, when he portrayed the brother of Melissa McCarthy’s character.

7) He’s also guested in episodes of Psych and Fuller House (Season 2).

8) He’s married to Barrett Williams, and the two have 3 kids together: Griffin, Rhys, and Kira. Check out the video below of his son Griffin singing.

9) Joey released a podcast called The Move with Joey McIntyre, which cataloged people’s moving experiences.

10) His net worth is estimated at around $19 million.

11) He’s passionate about raising awareness for kids with hearing issues, as his own son Rhys is hearing impaired.

12) After living in Los Angeles for 15 years with his family, Joey, his wife, and kids moved to New York City in early 2019.

13) While Fuller House‘s Andrea Barber is a huge fan of his, it goes both ways! Joey posted an awesome Instagram of himself reading Andrea’s new book! How sweet! You can check out our article here for more on Andrea’s reaction too!

14) Joey’s middle name is Mulrey.

15) Despite being older now, he doesn’t mind that people still call him “Joey.”

16) He likes to give back and volunteer. In the fall Joey volunteered at God’s Love NYC, a meal delivery service that cooks food for people with illnesses.

17) He’s a fan of meditation.

18) One of his favorite sports teams is the Boston Bruins.

19) He was featured alongside Lea Michele in the 2017 Disney holiday special Magical Holiday Celebration.

20) He’s a huge fan of Eddie Murphy, and one of his Christmas wishes is for Eddie to return as a series regular on Saturday Night Live. Check out his fun tweet below:

21) His favorite singers are Frank Sinatra and Anita Baker.

22) His favorite NKOTB song is “Please Don’t Go Girl.”

23) His favorite colors are blue, white, and red.

24) His star sign is Capricorn.

25) He’s on Instagram and Twitter. Follow him @JoeyMcIntyre on both platforms.

There you have it: 25 fun facts about New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre! We wish him a happy early birthday too – hopefully year 47 treats him well!


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