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Are any of the Love Undercover couples still together? 

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ryan babel sofia love undercover

Peacock’s latest series, Love Undercover, has been a popular addition to its lineup. The show followed five international soccer players to the US as they searched for love with an American girl. During the course of its first season, five couples emerged: Sebastian Fassi and Brittany Gibson, Lloyd Jones and Ariana Welch, Marco Fabian and Abby Kowal, Ryan Babel and Sofia Quinteros, as well as Jamie O’Hara and Renee Ash. But, are any of them still together now? Find out that answer below, plus if they are dating anyone new, and if there will be a Love Undercover reunion on Peacock. 

brittany sebastian love undercover

Sebastian Fassi and Brittany Gibson

Relationship Status: No longer together

After major bombshells and miscommunications, Sebastian and Brittany called it quits in the show’s season 1 finale. Even though the two “connected right off the bat” as Gibson put it in an interview, their love wasn’t meant to last. But, there’s a silver lining: the two are great friends now, and have even seen each other a couple times since the show ended.


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Currently, Fassi is dating a new woman (coincidentally a blonde) named Valentina Imaz. The two have been traveling around the world together since April and have a “magical connection” according to her Instagram. 

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lloyd ariana love undercover

Lloyd Jones and Ariana Welch

Relationship Status: Not together any longer

Loose lips sink ships when it comes to Lloyd and Ariana. Welch has remained tight-lipped about her relationship with Jones, saying “it’s a question mark” when asked about their status. However, it is worth noting that she has moved back to America after spending some time in London with Lloyd. She did say in a TikTok video clip that “we have to have a reunion [and] spill it all there.” No announcement has been made about a reunion as of right now.


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♬ Give Me Everything (Stripped Down) – Archer Marsh

However, Lloyd’s last post about Love Undercover’s finale week in May doesn’t mention Ariana – nor did she comment on his post like their other cast mates did. It’s unclear whether or not these two are simply taking a break because of the distance, or if they are officially broken up. But we lean more towards these two being officially broken up per Ariana’s comment on Instagram.

marco abby love undercover

Marco Fabian and Abby Kowal

Relationship Status: Not dating

Despite their strong connection on the show, Abby and Marco decided by the end of the season to simply stay friends. Marco revealed that he was dating someone new, a girl named Alexa Mendez. And yes, Abby has met her and thinks she’s great. Kowal wants Fabian to be a part of her life forever, and considers him to be one of her best friends.

As far as Marco and Alexa? The last photo he posted with her was in March. But, don’t worry, they are still very much together. In fact, just last week, Alexa announced their engagement on Instagram. “NOS VAMOS A CASAR ❤️…Te amo,” she captioned in Spanish, which translates to “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED ❤️…I love you.”

ryan babel sofia love undercover

Ryan Babel and Sofia Quinteros

Relationship Status: No longer together

They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and for a while, in Ryan and Sofia’s case, it did. The duo tried long distance for a bit since Ryan was in England and Sofia was in Miami, according to USA Network. But, it ultimately didn’t work out. It appears they’re both enjoying the single life as of late. 

jamie renee love undercover

Jamie O’Hara and Renee Ash

Relationship Status: No longer together

If anyone from Love Undercover were to make it, everyone thought it would have been Jamie and Renee. It was easy to see why though: the couple’s chemistry was off the charts and their easygoing personalities played off each other well. Even in the behind the scenes moments, O’Hara and Ash had tons of fun; plus Renee moved in with Jamie and met his family. So, what went wrong? Much like Ariana, Renee said they need to have a reunion to sort through everything, like how Jamie wasn’t as honest as he seemed to be. 

Renee is busy living her best single life in Los Angeles, CA; Jamie’s focused on raising his children, but he could have a new relationship with Keziah Grubb, as evidenced in this tribute Instagram post. “Happy birthday to the most incredible person to come into my life, builds me up when im feeling down and is always there for me and my children, couldn’t do it without you, we all love you Kez ❤️,” Jamie captioned the carousel.

Be sure to follow the cast on Instagram to keep up with their lives, relationships and to see if a Love Undercover reunion will happen. You can stream Love Undercover on Peacock now.


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