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Does Chloe Trautman Have a New Boyfriend? Mystery Man Revealed + Co-Stars React to Her Siesta Key Departure

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Chloe Trautman and Boyfriend, Chris Long from Siesta Key

Siesta Key season 4 is bringing back all of our OG favorites but we will also seem some new faces this season including Garrett Miller’s girlfriend and Kelsey Owens’s boyfriend. One original cast member who was usually at the center of all the drama, Chloe Trautman departed the show earlier this year.

Juliette Porter, narrator and cast member of Siesta Key revealed that Chloe was really reassessing her life and didn’t like where she was at after breaking up with her boyfriend of many years. That ultimately led to her decision to step away from filming the reality show she was part of since the very first episode. Her BFF, Alex Kompo was asked to leave the show last year after insensitive comments.

The time off is definitely benefiting Chloe! She looks great and happy on the beach in Siesta Key in a recent Instagram photo.

She and Juliette are in a good place as well. When Jules had her swimwear launch party for her own line, JMP The Label, Chloe was quick to praise her in the comments. “You go baby girl,” she wrote.

Is Chloe Trautman in Siesta Key Season 4?

After hearing about her departure from the show, viewers assumed that she won’t be part of any upcoming episodes. Is it true? No, not completely. Chloe did begin filming with her friends and co-stars for season 4. However, in January she was absent on a trip the group took to the Grenadines. It was at that time Chloe knew she had to take a step back and assess what was going on in her life and her goals for the future.

Brandon, Kelsey, Madisson, and Juliette were all saddened by Chloe’s decision however they weren’t too surprised because they know firsthand how overwhelming it can get filming a reality show.

Juliette told Us Magazine in a recent interview, “She’s done a lot of inner work and you see her go through the ups and downs with that. I think it can be hard at times, but it’s worth it. We love being on Siesta Key.” “I was just, like, in shock. I was surprised and, you know, concerned. I just wanted to know what was going on,” Brandon chimed in.

Is Chloe Dating a New Man?

Yes she is! A new photo appeared in Chloe’s tagged section on Instagram, sparking fans to speculate she’s in a new relationship. The photo was posted by a man named Chris Long. He works in the personal development area. “My hope is you can use this site to reach your highest potential and come ALIVE in every facet of your life,” he wrote on his official website.

It looks like he is from Colorado but may have just moved to Florida. In an Instagram photo of he and a bunch of his guy friends, he announced he “left his roaring 20’s” which is safe to say he turned the big 3-0 in early April.

In the caption of the photo of he and Chloe kissing on the beach, he writes “America, Love, and Freedom ❤️🇺🇸The next chapter begins…” She replied, “my soul.”

Enjoy life to the fullest and never stop having fun! Tune into Siesta Key Wednesdays at 8pm EST on MTV.


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