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‘Siesta Key’ Season 4 Gets May 2021 Premiere Date and “Will Never Be the Same”

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Siesta Key Season 4 Cast

MTV’s hit show “Siesta Key” season 4 will officially premiere on May 12, 2021. The cast members dropped the news almost exactly one month to the date of the premiere.

The show lead, Juliette Porter posted the new cast photo to her Instagram account on Thursday with the caption, “Things will never be the same… @siestakey season 4 premieres Wednesday May 12th 8/7c on @mtv.” In the photo you see cast members Juliette Porter, Chloe Trautman, Madisson Hausburg, Kelsey Owens, Brandon Gomes, Garrett Miller, and Amanda Miller.

This season you will see new cast members including Juliette Porter’s boyfriend, Sam Logan, and Garrett Miller’s girlfriend, amongst many other newcomers. You will also see Brandon Gomes’s baby boy and Kelsey Owens’s new relationship with Max Strong unfold as well.

What Can You Expect in Season 4?

The Siesta Key Season 4 Trailer dropped today. Chloe Trautman starts off by saying, “living in Siesta Key is paradise.” “You realize that all that glitters isn’t gold,” Juliette Porter is heard saying as she hands a champagne glass to her boyfriend Sam. “This lifestyle could totally dissolve one day,” she continues.

“You have to fight for what you love,” Madisson is seen telling a friend. “I feel like I have to put on this front like oh I don’t care about the age but I do,” she says as she tears up. Madisson is referring to her engagement to former producer, Ish Soto who is considerably older than the Siesta Key star.

“I’m at a point where I don’t really want to be part of this anymore,” Chloe tells her co-stars Juliette and Amanda. We can confirm Chloe was serious because just a few months ago she announced that she did in fact depart from filming Siesta Key.

In the trailer, you may have spotted one of Garrett’s ex girlfriends – Cara Geswelli. However, Garrett is currently in a relationship with Makenna. Will Cara try to split them up? Well, it appears Garrett is still very much together with Makenna because he just posted a photo of the couple to his Instagram page.

Tune in to Siesta Key on MTV Wednesdays at 8pm EST. Premieres on May 12th at 8pm EST.

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