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Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg Engaged to Boyfriend Ismael Soto

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Madisson Hausburg, 'Siesta Key'

Madisson Hausburg‘s long distance relationship with former Siesta Key producer Ismael Soto has been a major season 3 storyline for the show. But now? Madisson and Ish have something even bigger to celebrate: their engagement! Get more details on the couple’s exciting news below!

When did Madisson and Ish get engaged?

Well, according to Madisson, Ish popped the question after their first day spent in their new Los Angeles home. She was “taking a selfie or something,” she told Jeannie Mai during the Siesta Key reunion special, and then she turned around to see her boyfriend down on one knee! Aw, how sweet is that!

Madisson’s been very adamant about wanting to start a family, and she’s been wanting that future to include Ish ever since they became serious. They’ve discussed moving to LA versus staying in Siesta Key on the last couple episodes of the show, but didn’t make a decision until the season 3 finale as to where they’d end up.

Looks like their new home isn’t the only exciting thing they’ve got to look forward to now! Their cast mates were super supportive of Madisson’s announcement, not to mention really surprised, as no one knew about it before the reunion was filmed! You can see their genuine reactions to Madisson and Ish’s engagement below:

"Siesta Key" cast reactions to Madisson's engagement
Image Credit: MTV.
Image Credit: MTV.

While their relationship has certainly had its ups and downs, the two have remained together, and are stronger than ever. Congratulations to Madisson and Ish, and we can’t wait to see what their wedding will look like. Who knows, maybe it could be worked in to another season of Siesta Key! If you’re not caught up already, catch the season 3 finale, and the reunion special only on MTV.


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