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Meet the New Cast Members of ‘Siesta Key’ Season 4

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A new season of MTV’s Siesta Key means fresh faces, including significant others and friends. In season 4, fans can expect to meet quite a few new cast members, some of which you’ve probably seen on social media. We’ve got all the details on the newest cast members for Siesta Key season 4. So, keep reading to learn about Serena Kerrigan, Makenna Quesenberry, Max Strong, Mike Vazquez, Will Gray, Jordana Barnes, and Tate Sweatt️️️️️.

Details on the New Siesta Key Crew

If you’ve been keeping up with the Siesta Key crew on social media, then you may have seen some of the new cast mates soaking up the sun on Palm Island, Grenadines. All of the newest cast members were in attendance during the month of January for filming, so expect them to appear on camera in some capacity during season 4.


Serena Kerrigan is an entrepreneur, CEO, influencer, and all-around boss babe. In 2020, Serena launched SFK LFG LLC, which is dedicated to empowering women everywhere. She’s turned her nickname (Serena F*cking Kerrigan) into a trademark all about confidence and owning who you are.

– Previously, Serena worked as a video producer for Refinery29.

– She’s collaborated with companies like Amazon & Air France.

– Her latest success is the IG Live show Let’s F*cking Date, which came from her expansion of her brand SFK: the Queen of Confidence.

– The show’s been viewed by millions, acquired sponsors like Bumble, and been featured in Forbes and on The TODAY Show.

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Makenna Quesenberry is the new girlfriend of Siesta Key cast member Garrett Miller. The couple debuted their relationship on social media in fall 2020, around Halloween. Makenna is a 21-year-old Instagram influencer who also models.

– Makenna’s birthday is on December 31. She celebrated her 21st with Garrett, as well as her closest girl friends.

– When she’s not hanging out with Garrett or filming for the show, she spends a lot of time doing photoshoots for various modeling gigs or sponsored posts.

– Some of her favorite brands include: Bloomin’ Bailey’s Jewelry, Almost Naked Swimwear, True Tights, and Boutine LA.

– Her signature is her super long mermaid-like brown waves. She’s dyed her hair darker or lighter brown over the years, but the waves have been a mainstay.

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Max Strong is the boyfriend of Siesta Key‘s Kelsey Owens. While she introduced him on Instagram last year, fans have yet to see him speak on camera. He’ll make this debut on season 4.

– Max is an animal lover. He’s been working at zoos and conservation societies for a while now, hoping one day it can be his full-time gig!

– He’s originally from Kentucky. He attended university there before relocating to Florida.

– He’s an avid traveler. He’s been to Thailand, Antigua, Costa Rica, and Whistler, just to name a few places!

– When he’s not taking care of animals, he’s often on the water, either scuba diving, swimming, or simply enjoying the waves.


Mike Vazquez is a friend of Sam Logan’s, and has since made his way into the Siesta Key group over the last year. He’s also dating one of Juliette Porter’s good friends, Lexie Salameh. They’ve been together for a little over a year now, and are very happy.

– Mike has a brother named Jose. Both are originally from Argentina. In fact, their dad just recently became a US citizen!

– Mike has a Masters of Science degree in Sports Management.

– When he’s not hanging with his friends, he’s traveling. He loves going to exotic places, or just to different states for new adventures. Kayaking, snowboarding, exploring, you name it, he’s up for it!

– He’s close with his parents, and his nieces. He loves being an uncle; and, he’s always posting for his parent’s birthdays! How nice is that?


Will Gray is a photographer, and a good friend of Garrett Miller’s. He even went to Palm Island with the rest of the Siesta Key cast during the month of January.

– Will attended Saint Leo University in Tampa, Florida. He played baseball while there.

– Will is a photographer, and even has his own photo account on Instagram. He calls it “Gray Area” and the handle is @ga_visi0n. He mostly does portraits, action shots, or couples photography. He’s photographed Garrett and Kenna on Palm Island!

– He’s a fan of tattoos. If you look on his Instagram, you can usually see one or two on his arms. Occasionally, you can see the lion he has on his leg, or the design on his chest. He’s got a rose on his elbow too, just to name some of the ink.

– Much like Garrett, he’s into fitness too. You can often find him hitting the gym or participating in Garrett’s outdoor weekend workout sessions.


Jordana is a self-taught artist from Sarasota, Florida. She’s been recently spotted with Siesta Key‘s Kelsey Owens and Madisson Hausburg.

– She was featured in another Brandon Gomes’ music video for his song “Malibu” alongside fellow Siesta Key member Juliette Porter.

– In addition to being good friends with Kelsey and Madisson, she’s also friends with Joe Jenkins, another recurring Siesta Key character. The group often attends parties or other events together.

– She’s a talented painter, especially when it comes to creating canvases. She loves oil painting, and has sold a ton of her work! Some of her popular work includes TV prints, famous portraits, or sports card replicas.

– When she’s not painting, you’ll often find Jordana on the beach. She practically lives in bikinis – at least on her Instagram!


Tate Sweatt is a fitness enthusiast and a good friend of Garrett Miller’s. He’s also a Forge Supplements ambassador. The Sociology major finished out his senior year with a strong baseball career and has since hooked up with the Siesta Key crew.

– Tate actually met Will Gray while playing baseball for Saint Leo University! The two were on the team together and have remained friends ever since.

– Tate’s fairly famous on TikTok. He’s got over 628,000 fans, and over 7.5 million likes on the app.

– He’s a man of faith. In his Instagram bio, he writes: “Jesus is King.”

– He’s very close with his family too, especially his cousins, and his sister Charlsy. Tate even escorted his younger sister from 2015-2017 for the big homecoming dance. How nice is that?

If you want to keep up with these new cast members’ everyday lives, be sure you’re following them on Instagram. To see them onscreen, be sure to check out season 4 of Siesta Key, which is coming soon to MTV.


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