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See Rare Photos of Juliette Porter & Boyfriend, Sam Logan

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If you saw the latest episode of Siesta Key, then you know that Juliette Porter has her eye on a new guy: Sam Logan. Now, if you’ve been following our coverage of the MTV reality show, then you’ll know she made it “Instagram official” with Sam back in February. You may have seen their relationship thus far, but what about further back? After all, Juliette did say Sam’s been a part of their friend group for years. We’ve got some rare moments in their relationship for you below, so keep reading to check those out.

First, a quick refresher on Juliette’s love life:

As you may know, reality shows are filmed many months prior to their actual airing on television. In the case of Siesta Key, the episodes we’re seeing onscreen in summer 2020, were actually filmed back in the fall of 2019. So, while we now know that Juliette’s no longer with Alex Kompothecras, if you don’t follow the cast on social media, then you may not know of her new boyfriend, Sam Logan.

They’ve been official since February, although they’ve known each other for way longer than that. They really began hanging out in the fall, getting more serious around Christmas time. They even went skiing together in Aspen!

So, what about their past and those rare photos?

Sam Logan and Juliette Porter have quite a few friends in common, including some of Juliette’s collegiate friends Hannah Starr and Alex Rubino. The major one they used to share though? Juliette’s ex, Alex Kompo! You’ll see him featured in some of their older photos together.

The last time Alex and Sam hung out was in September 2019; he and Juliette used to hang out back in the day too though. You can see in the photo below that Juliette is actually hanging out on Sam’s car back in the summer of 2017.

Image Credits: IG @JuliettePorter & @Sam_JLo.

Even though we know Sam made the choice of his relationship with Juliette over a friendship with Alex, it’s that drama which divided the cast, according to US Weekly. Chloe Trautman was the one that said those two getting together was the real cause of the “kingdom” divide – as opposed to say, the pregnancy with Alyssa Salerno, Alex’s new girlfriend at the time.

Aside from chilling on cars, Juliette and Sam hung out with their mutual friends, going to restaurants, traveling, or just having a good time in general. In the collage below, the two even went to Miami with all their friends. They really do get along great, which is probably why their relationship works so well.

Image Credits: IG @JuliettePorter, @PaulyPaul, @LexieSalameh, & @Hannah_Starr.

We wish Juliette and Sam the best in their relationship, and you’ll have to see how they get started in the second half of Siesta Key. New episodes air Tuesdays at 8/7 c on MTV.


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