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Juliette Porter Makes Cheating Claims to Cara Geswelli Prior to ‘Siesta Key’ Season 3 Premiere

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Johnny Bananas and Cara Geswelli

The Queen of ‘Siesta Key,’ Juliette Porter just made a shocking allegation.

She accused ‘Siesta Key’ co-star and arch nemesis, Cara Geswelli of cheating of her boyfriend and good guy, Garrett Miller in Cancun.

What would ‘Siesta Key’ season 3 be without a little relationship drama though? Porter sent the tweet out to her 60k+ followers saying, “Cara is shady and she f*ckrd @johnnybananas while dating @__GarrettMiller in Cancun.”

How did Juliette find this out? Apparently the news travels because she was told by MTV’s ‘Floribama’ star, Nilsa Prowant.

Cara and Johnny haven’t commented. However, Garrett responded on Juliette’s tweet with a GIF from the Little Rascals. What could he be feeling about this?

Cara Geswelli and Garrett Miller from Siesta Key
Cara Geswelli and Garrett Miller in ‘Siesta Key’ Season 2

Who Did Cara Cheat on Garrett With?

Juliette accused Cara of cheating with MTV’s Challenge Badass and NBC’s 1st Look, Johnny Bananas. While Johnny is 37 and Cara is only 25, this isn’t the first ‘Siesta Key’ duo who have a large age gap.

‘Siesta Key’s’ Madisson revealed that she is in fact dating MTV producer, Ismael Soto who is 46 years old.

However, back to Cara and Johnny! Cara was in Cancun for MTV’s Spring Break back in March. When Cara posted a photo on Instagram, Johnny commented on the post saying, ‘Get off my turtle.” Oh boy!

Who is Johnny Bananas Dating?

Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett Dating from 'The Challenge'
Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett Dating from ‘The Challenge’ | IG: JohnnyBananas

It looks like Johnny and Cara are over. He is currently dating Morgan Willett. It would appear he was dating Morgan when he hooked up with Cara. Pictures of Morgan started appearing on Johnny’s Instagram in February 2019.

Since Johnny hosts ‘The Challenge,’ that’s how he met his new girlfriend. She is a spin instructor from Austin, Texas who joined The Challenge on the heels of a victory on Big Brother.

Get ready for lots of drama and new faces in ‘Siesta Key’s’ season 3 airing tonight on MTV. It kicks off with Garrett and Cara on the rocks, unsure of what their future will hold.


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