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Will Cara & Garrett Be on ‘Siesta Key’ Season 3?

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Cara Geswelli and Garrett Miller from "Siesta Key"

We cannot wait for the season 3 premiere of MTV’s hit reality show, ‘Siesta Key‘ this month but you have one burning question – will Cara and Garrett be part of it?

According to MTV, the short answer is yes! Last season, we saw Cara (Alex’s ex) and Garrett (Kelsey and Juliette’s ex) get together. They were quite cute together but towards the end of season 2, they were skating on thin ice.

In season 3 of ‘Siesta Key,’ we will see Cara and Garrett still on shaky ground after a rough time in their relationship over the summer. This leaves them unsure about what this holds for their future. Will they stay together or ultimately split up?

On Instagram, Cara posted a photo out dining with a guy friend named Mike at Euphemia Haye Restaurant just at the end of October 2019. Is this a boyfriend, just a friend, or something else?

It doesn’t appear that Garrett will be getting back together with his ex Kelsey, as she had her eyes set on newcomer, Jake. She met Jake while hanging out with her friend Juliette and former flame Robby Hayes at Stagecoach last spring. How far does this relationship go for Kelsey? You will have to find out when Siesta Key premieres this month!

Could Garrett and Juliette start dating again? The pair previously hooked up when were scorned by their past lovers, Alex and Kelsey in the previous season.

However, who is totally off the market? Juliette’s ex-boyfriend, Alex Kompo has been dating a girl named Alyssa and recently announced that they are expecting a baby girl!

Season 3 of ‘Siesta Key’ will be premiering on MTV on Tuesday, January 7th at 8pm EST.


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