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Cara Geswelli Revealed Nose Job to Garrett Miller on Siesta Key S3 Premiere

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Cara Geswelli & Garrett Miller of 'Siesta Key'

On Siesta Key‘s season premiere, there was drama unfolding for just about every cast member. One member of the cast had a secret to reveal, and we’ve got the scoop on what went down. Keep reading below to see what happened when Cara Geswelli finally told Garrett Miller about her major change.

Cara revealed to her boyfriend, Garrett that she had gotten a nose job. Throughout the episode, it seemed as though she was waiting for him to pick up on the new change to her face; but when he didn’t notice it, she was pretty pissed. Yikes – talk about an awkward moment. You can see a before and after photo below:

Cara Geswelli nose job before and after
Cara Geswelli nose job before and after

Of course, in Siesta Key, it’s never really that simple, as all the drama is kind of connected. See, Garrett not noticing her new nose wasn’t the only thing Cara was dealing with. She and fellow cast member Kelsey Owens (Garrett’s ex-gf) aren’t exactly friends, and the two became enemies in Tuesday’s episode.

Even though Kelsey hasn’t been Garrett’s girlfriend since season 1 of the show, she seems to have a major presence in Garrett and Cara’s current relationship. Fans saw the two arguing over her a couple times in the season 3 premiere. Between the nose job and the drama with Kelsey, it’s easy to see why Cara’s a little on edge. Too bad it seems to be causing issues between her and Garrett. See a clip below and decide where you stand.

Guess Chloe was right last season when she said: “Secrets are never safe in Siesta Key.” Now that things are out in the open, will the drama simmer down? Or is it just beginning to heat up? Tune in to new episodes of Siesta Key Tuesday nights on MTV to find out!


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