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Ariel and Zach Have Heart-to-Heart: A Recap of The Bachelor Season Finale

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Fans of the popular reality TV show, The Bachelor, were in for an explosive week during the fantasy suites episode. It was revealed that Zach, one of the contestants, had broken his promise of no intimacy with Gabi. However, what made matters worse was the fact that Zach had told another contestant, Kaity, about his decision but failed to mention it to Ariel. Zach and Ariel have a heart to heart on screen.

Fans were wondering how Ariel felt about everything. During the Bachelor Season Finale on the season finale, Ariel confronted Zach about his decision. “By taking sex off the table, you made the whole week about sex,” Ariel told Zach. Her comments showcased the impact of Zach’s decision on her and the other contestants.

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Zach expressed regret for not informing Ariel about his night with Gabi. “I look back and apologize for that,” Zach told Ariel. He also admitted that he was selfish in making the decision without considering the feelings of the other contestants. “Look back, it pains me at the hurt it caused. I made it one sided and it was very selfish of me,” Zach said.

Ariel and Zach on The Bachelor
THE BACHELOR – “2709” – Love is in the air when Zach and the final three women travel to Krabi, Thailand. With firm parameters set on intimacy and growing temptations, will Zach hold himself to his commitment or go back on his word? MONDAY, MARCH 20 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Craig Sjodin) ARIEL, ZACH SHALLCROSS

“If you only waited, you would have found out that I was on the same page as you,” Ariel told Zach referring to the no intimacy rule of the fantasy suites week. The conversation between Zach and Ariel on the Bachelor Season Finale special showcased the importance of communication in any relationship.

This episode provided an opportunity for viewers to witness a genuine and honest conversation between two individuals trying to resolve a difficult situation. “I apologize for not talking to you before the fantasy suite,” Zach said to Ariel. “I regret that. And if I could go back and change it, I would. I’m sorry for that.”

Ariel and Zach on The Bachelor season finale

In conclusion, the explosive week on The Bachelor during the fantasy suites episode was a reminder of the importance of communication, honesty, and respect in any relationship. Zach’s decision to break his promise of no intimacy with Gabi had a significant impact on the other contestants, and his failure to communicate with Ariel caused her pain and frustration. However, his willingness to acknowledge his mistake and apologize for it provided a glimmer of hope that even in a reality TV show, genuine relationships can be formed.


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