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Siesta Key Season 4 Reunion Special + Finale: What to Expect

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Siesta Key season 4 has been a rollercoaster, and this week’s finale will be no exception. Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens have been at odds all season long, and their fight on the island didn’t help things either. Now that the group’s been back in Sarasota, Florida for a while, Juliette’s trying to make amends for what she’s done to Kelsey. We’ve got details on the new episode below, plus what fans can expect on the season 4 reunion special airing afterwards.

Can Juliette Porter make amends with Kelsey Owens on Siesta Key?

The once close-knit duo used to live together, but now, they’re worlds apart from how they used to be. What started as little digs about relationships turned into work rivalry as both Juliette and Kelsey worked on their swimwear lines. If you’ve been watching season 4, then you know that Kelsey’s line was on the fast track, and actually launched first. But now, it’s Juliette’s turn, and she’s going to throw a party to celebrate the launch of JMP: The Label.

We know Juliette called Kelsey a couple episodes ago to apologize, and shockingly enough, Kelsey took the phone call. The two said what needed to be said, but came to the realization that they couldn’t really be friends again. At least, Kelsey couldn’t see that happening. When Juliette gave it some more thought, she understood where Kelsey was coming from.

That’s what makes her actions in the new episode somewhat surprising. At her launch party, Juliette decided to give Kelsey a shoutout, according to Hollywood Life. She congratulated Kelsey on her success, and said she was really proud of her. But, if there was ever a time where the cricket noise would come in handy, this would be it, as Kelsey didn’t like being name-dropped by Juliette.

Whether or not Juliette talks to Kelsey after the awkward speech remains to be seen. But, one thing’s for sure: it’s not exactly what Kelsey meant when she wanted to stay out of the drama. Juliette meant well, but her actions may have burned the bridge between she and Kelsey instead of rebuilt it.

What can fans expect on the Siesta Key season 4 reunion special?

According to MTV’s official description: “Their island getaway turned into a tear-filled disaster and the crew from Siesta Key is back to address everything. They’ll reveal the struggles of co-parenting, how they manage their anxiety, and whether or not crumbling friendships can ever be repaired.”

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Considering that the finale episode discusses Kelsey and Juliette’s rocky friendship, it’s not a surprise that everyone will wonder if their bond is truly broken. Discussions of co-parenting obviously relate to Brandon Gomes’ situation, as he’s been juggling fatherhood with dating. He’s got his son Quincy, and the baby’s mom, Delainey Shae; then, there’s his ex-girlfriend Camilla Cattaneo, and his fling with Jordana Barnes.

While Brandon knows where he stands with Jordana (it’s amicably over), he’s been dealing with his feelings for Camilla since the beginning of the season. The new episode shows him confronting her about these feelings, and seeing if they can ever make anything work between them. So, the question remains: can they ever be a couple again? Hopefully the duo can shed some light on that in the reunion special.

Even though Madisson Hausburg’s big announcement on the season 3 reunion was her engagement to boyfriend Ismael Soto, it’s assumed that she’ll be the one to discuss her postponing of their wedding and how she’s been coping with her anxiety. Recently, she gave an in-depth explanation of how her time on reality TV amplified her struggles on a podcast called #MAYFAIRWORLD. It’s brave of Madisson to be vocal about her anxiety and depression, because it can help lots of people see that they’re not alone.

To see everything unfold, and to find out where everyone stands in the group, tune in to the new episode of Siesta Key starting at 8 PM, followed by their season 4 reunion special at 10 PM, on MTV.


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