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Cara Geswelli Returns to Siesta Key Season 4 Tonight — Get Details Inside!

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Siesta Key always brings the drama, and season 4 of the hit MTV reality show is no exception. On this week’s all-new episode, former cast member Cara Geswelli returns, just as the rest of the cast has gotten settled in Palm Island. We’ve got more details for you below, including what you might expect, what Cara’s been up to since her departure, and how her appearance could affect Garrett Miller and his new girlfriend, Makenna.

Cara Geswelli: Back to Siesta Key

Longtime fans of Siesta Key will remember Cara Geswelli from seasons 2 and 3 of the show. She was originally introduced as a former flame of Alex Kompthecras’, but soon set her sights on Garrett Miller. The two dated during her time on the show, mainly in summer and fall of 2018. Their relationship played out on air, as did their breakup. At the time, Kelsey Owens was in the midst of that drama, as she and Garrett were still close.

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But, Cara shocked everyone by abruptly leaving the show: not only midway through the season, but on camera too! In the first half of season 3, she was talking with Alex, and things got heated, leading her to yank off her microphone (despite protests from producers and confusion amongst her fellow castmates) and storm off. We did see her one final time in season 3, for a brief meetup with Madisson Hausburg. She was back in New Jersey, where her family is originally from, and had some things to figure out with her ex-boyfriend back home. That was the last we heard of her.

So, you may be wondering: what brings her back? Well, Cara’s back for Siesta Key season 4 presumably to provide a dramatic angle to Garrett Miller’s currently storyline. Fans haven’t seen much of Garrett in season 4; the primary focus has been on the feud between Kelsey and her former BFF, Juliette Porter. Apparently, that changes when Cara comes to join the cast on the island.

Garrett is currently in a relationship with Makenna Quesenberry, and the two are ridiculously happy, both on camera and off. Judging by the promo, Cara’s arrival shocks the couple, so it’s quite possible there may be a little tension between the two with this surprise third wheel. Cara’s appearance may also be a tactic to fill the gap left by departing cast member Chloe Trautman, who used to be the resident “pot-stirrer” of Siesta Key. Someone’s got to bring the drama, right?

An Update: What has Cara been up to?

If you follow Cara on social media, then you probably have an idea of what she’s been doing since she first left the show. Post Siesta Key, she went back to New Jersey for a while. Later on, according to her LinkedIn, she began working as a Patient Coordinator The Dermatology and Laser Group in NYC.

During the summer of 2020, Cara began dating Michael Wheary, a Tampa based salesman. The duo split their time between Florida and New York, and have been inseparable ever since. When she’s not working, Cara’s sort of become a social media influencer. Thanks to her Siesta Key fame, her Instagram followers are at 229,000 and counting. She’s verified on the platform too. Partnerships with brands like Function of Beauty and Bondi Boost have only added to her cred.

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Speaking of Instagram, Makenna Quesenberry even follows Cara Geswelli. So, safe to say that Garrett’s current girlfriend and former flame are civil to one another. You’ll have to tune in to Siesta Key to find out if they started out that way though. The new episode airs June 16 at 8 PM ET, only on MTV.


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