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Who are Joe & Stef from Siesta Key? 10 Facts Inside!

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Season 4 of MTV’s Siesta Key has brought fans new relationships, new drama, and of course, new cast members. We’ve seen Joe Jenkins before; he’s been recurring since season 3. But, one brand new face on the Sarasota scene? Stefanie Naylor. She’s one of Joe’s closest friends, and they were once more than that. Stefanie — better known as Stef — first arrived during last week’s Palm Island episode, and it was obvious there was something still brewing between she and Joe. Where their relationship goes from here remains a mystery, but in the meantime, we’ve got 10 facts about the duo below. So, if you want to learn more about Joe and Stef, keep reading.

Meet Joe Jenkins from Siesta Key

1) As mentioned above, Joe has been featured on the reality show since the third season. He was originally introduced as Kelsey Owens’ friend, but is also pals with Madisson Hausburg, and new cast member Jordana Barnes.

2) There was a bit of speculation surrounding Joe’s sexuality, but he cleared it up during last week’s episode. He was talking to fellow cast members Juliette Porter and Serena Kerrigan about this, saying that while some people thought he was gay, he’s actually fluid with both genders. Joe tweeted a more detailed explanation, writing: “People assume I’m gay because I flirt with guys – even though I’m still flirting with girls . I value the beauty in people . . . let me live . #SiestaKey”

3) His relationship with Stefanie came up in the conversation too. The two were dating on and off for a while, and he remained friends with her. Their earliest meeting record, at least by social media standards, was in 2013.

4) Joe’s isn’t one to commit to relationships, something he admitted on the most recent Siesta Key episode. He’s not ready to settle down, but it’s an option that he’s looking at when it comes to Stef. She’s been one of his closest confidantes, friends, and girlfriend for years. According to MTV’s description of the new episode, he and Stef will “confront [his] fear of commitment.”

5) In addition to hanging out with Stef and the Siesta Key cast, Joe’s friend list includes influencers like Teala Dunn and Remi Cruz. He even went to Coachella with them one year. Another popular event he’s attended is Stagecoach; other places he’s been are Tulum, Italy, and NYC.

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Meet Stefanie Naylor from Siesta Key

6) Stef is a designer. When fans met her last week, Kelsey reminded everyone that Stefanie was the one to design her VMAs dress. Stef’s clothing can be found under Stefanie Naylor Couture or SparklySHT.

7) Not only has she designed pieces for the Siesta Key girls, she’s made dresses for country singers Lindsay Ell and Kacey Musgraves.

8) Like Joe, Stef’s also well-traveled. She’s visited France, Puerto Vallarta, and Miami, just to name a few destinations.

9) She and Joe are incredibly close. They previously dated, but were never “official” or “exclusive” to one another. They do love spending time together, regardless of their relationship status. Stef wrote on Instagram that she was the “happiest girl in the world because I finally got to love on my @somedailyjoe! I don’t think there’s been a chunk of time since the day we met that we were forced to be apart for so long, and I didn’t like that at all. Thank you for hosting a much needed reunion @mikaelbrandrup! ❤️”

10) Currently, Stef has over 10,000 followers on Instagram. It appears that this is where she’s most active on social media. Since her story with Joe isn’t resolved yet, fans can expect to see her on the next episode of Siesta Key when they try to work things out. While she hasn’t posted about her appearance, Joe dropped a hint about the “chaos” of tonight’s episode, writing that he doesn’t “even know how to feel about it all.”

Catch Joe Jenkins and Stefanie Naylor on Siesta Key, airing Wednesdays at 8 PM ET, only on MTV.


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