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Bobby Ray from ‘Paradise Hotel’ Talks About Relationship with Tatum After Explosive Finale

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Tatum and Bobby Ray on Paradise Hotel Finale

After Bobby Ray from ‘Paradise Hotel’ shocked everyone when he slammed that ball down, choosing money over love on the season finale, fans everywhere are wondering one thing.

What is Bobby’s current relationship like with his ‘Paradise Hotel’ partner Tatum?

Bobby and Tatum win 'Paradise Hotel'

Bobby Ray and Tatum pretty much were roommates from the get go on the short lived FOX dating show. When Tatum confessed to straying from Bobby while playing the game, to create a bond with Carlos instead, Bobby apparently harbored feelings about this.

When it came down to it, the self proclaimed Ken & Barbie couple of ‘Paradise Hotel,’ ultimately won the competition. However, in typical fashion – the show had one last twist for the contestants.

The Loyalty Test Failed

Host Kristin Cavallari played one last game with Bobby and Tatum – the loyalty test. In order to split the money, they had to trust each other all the way to the $250K on a huge game board. However, it looked like the confession of Tatum earlier played on Bobby’s decision. “She’s not a bad person, she kissed another guy – but we weren’t dating,” Bobby tells Feeling the Vibe exclusively.

Paradise Hotel Game Board Season Finale

So, why did he slam that ball down leaving Tatum without any of the prize money? “I wasn’t going to let her get one more over one me – I didn’t trust her,” he confesses.

There don’t seem to be lingering bad feelings there though, “We are on surprisingly good terms, she understood why I did it,” Bobby added.

Bobby Ray wins Paradise Hotel season finale

Check out the moment that everyone is talking about in the video below:


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