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Who are Ariel Frenkel’s Parents? Meet The Bachelor Contestants’ Family Inside!

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Ariel Frenkel was a frontrunner in ABC’s The Bachelor while vying for Zach Shallcross’ heart. Before her elimination, viewers got to watch as Zach met some of her family on the show. But, who are her parents? What about her brother and sister-in-law? Get details on Ariel Frenkel’s parents and siblings including names, occupations and more.

Who is Ariel Frenkel from The Bachelor?

Ariel Frenkel is a 28 year old marketing consultant who was one of the contestants on season 27 of ABC’s The Bachelor. She was eliminated during Week 9, aka: “Fantasy Suites” week and has since confronted Zach about it on the show’s season finale. If you want to read more about their heart-to-heart, Feeling the Vibe has a full recap here.

She’s not one to let a little heartache get the best of her though. Just last week, she was spotted out and about in Miami at a fashion event for Acne Studios. Ariel’s truly living her best life, but she did not forget her time on the hit ABC reality dating show, writing: “I have immense respect for the women on this season and the women that came before us. I was able to find clarity through calamity, and I am eternally grateful for what this experience has taught me. Thank you to everyone who supported me on and off camera ♥️.”

Meet the Family: Ariel’s Parents, Brother & Sister in Law

Ariel’s parents are Feliks and Marina Frenkel. Feliks is an investor and philanthropist while Marina is a founding partner of Merchant PRO Express. The two are very successful businesspeople who undoubtedly gave their daughter some of that entrepreneurial spirit. Ariel’s family is Jewish and she stated in her Bachelor bio that she comes from a “big, loving Ukrainian family.”

See a 2017 family photo from Ariel’s Instagram below.

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Her older brother’s name is Bobby and he works in real estate. Bobby is married to wife Gabrielle Seris. Of course his sister Ariel attended the wedding; she penned this post on Instagram in December 2021: “Congratulations to my brother and his wife for choosing to get married before Omicron became omnipresent.”

Bobby was definitely in “big brother protector” mode when Zach came to visit him and Ariel’s family in New York. He even dared to ask Zach, “Why should she choose you?” Feliks echoed that sentiment, asking Shallcross: “Why is my daughter different from other choices?”

Even with all the hard-hitting questions, Zach managed to make it through with nice answers: her kindness and the fact that Ariel made him feel his most comfortable self made it easy for him to see a future together. For Ariel, the feeling was mutual at the time.

Although things didn’t work out in the end between Ariel Frenkel and Zach Shallcross, Ariel’s family always supports her and simply want her to be happy. With their love and support, Ariel’s sure to find the right person post-Bachelor. Be sure to follow Ariel on Instagram to see more of her everyday life and to see if she updates her relationship status.


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