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See Rare Photos of Siesta Key’s Madisson Hausburg & Boyfriend, Ish

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Madisson Hausburg and her current boyfriend, former Siesta Key producer Ismael Soto, are still going strong into the show’s second half of season 3. In lieu of that, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at some rare photos and moments from their relationship. Keep reading below to check out some moments that aren’t really seen of the Siesta Key couple.

First, a look at where Madisson and Ish are now:

The somewhat notorious couple is still doing fantastic, both as individuals and as a duo. Madisson recently posted a Polaroid style photo of herself, Ish, and a mutual friend at the Belmont, which is a popular restaurant in Los Angeles. You can see it below:

We reported in March that Madisson and Ish did go through a rough patch on the show, but keep in mind that was filmed last year. Judging by their recent photos and social media comments like the one you see above, the couple is totally solid.

It makes sense considering Madisson had a crush on Ismael from the get go – all the way back when he was a producer on season 1 of Siesta Key!

So, what about these photos of the happy couple?

While they don’t post about each other every second of every day, that doesn’t mean Madisson and Ish don’t spend plenty of time together. The duo loves hanging out with their friends, going out to restaurants, celebrating major milestones, and yes, even living it up in Las Vegas!

As you’ve seen on the show, Madisson will travel to LA to meet up with Ish, and he’ll come to Florida to meet up with her. Whether or not they will actually get a place together remains to be seen – maybe season 3B will give us an answer soon? Regardless of where they are, they always manage to have a good time.

You can check out all of those photos below:

You can catch Madisson and her boyfriend, Ish on all-new episodes of Siesta Key, which air Tuesdays at 8/7 c on MTV.


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