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Did Juliette and Robby Get Back Together on Siesta Key?

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Robby Hayes and Juliette Porter Dating

The gang of Siesta Key is back and we can’t wait to see what kind of drama they’re stirring up this season!

From Madisson and former producer turned boyfriend, Ish to exes Kelsey and Garrett sparking flames again, this season is already starting off with a bang in the love department.

When did Juliette Start Dating Robby?

Juliette Porter and Robby Hayes
The happy couple made their relationship “Instagram official” earlier this month. Image Credit: IG @RobertHunter89.

Remember at the beginning of season 3 when Juliette introduced everyone to her new boyfriend Robby Hayes? The pair met at Coachella in April and quickly hit it off. It was a rather quick whirlwind romance. The pair even took a romantic trip to Greece together – but the love didn’t last long. When Juliette saw her ex, Alex again – that was it – through tears, she told him she’d never stop loving him.

As you can imagine, that didn’t do much good for her relationship with Robby. The couple ended up splitting and Juliette was newly single.

However, Alex started seeing someone new as well, named Alyssa. Alex worked quickly on this! Fast forward and the couple is currently still together and even just welcomed their new baby girl to the world!

Do Juliette and Robby Get Back Together?

Probably not. In an all new episode of Siesta Key’s season 3 part 2, the gang all heads to a Halloween Party. Some dress up in couples costumes – cue Kelsey and Garrett, while others attend solo.

Robby gets to see Juliette again for the first time since they had the breakup talk. Robby was definitely putting out all the “let’s get back together” vibes, but will Juliette give in? Will this former flame spark again?

Kelsey Owens, Corey Brooks, Robby Hayes, Juliette Porter,
Kelsey Owens, Corey Brooks, Robby Hayes, and Juliette Porter, take group photo together with friends at Stagecoach. Photo: roberthunter89/Instagram

It doesn’t appear that the two got together for long if at all because Juliette has been posting photos of her new man all over Instagram, and it isn’t Robby. His name is Sam Logan. Though he hasn’t been portrayed this season yet, just wait for it. Is he the new Alex in her life?

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