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From Dating to Engaged: Shannon Ford + James Middleton Relationship Timeline

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Shannon Ford rose to fame after appearing on season 1 of Kristin Cavallari’s E! reality series Very Cavallari. The 29-year-old was let go from her Uncommon James position during the season 2 premiere, but she did not let the drama deter her. Since then, Ford used her breakout status to launch a podcast and become a social media influencer. Not even a breakup with ex-boyfriend John Gurney in 2021 kept Shannon down for long – she has a new love in her life, and recently announced her engagement to James Middleton. Get details on Shannon and James’ relationship below, including major milestones. 

When did Shannon Ford and James Middleton start dating? 

Shannon Ford and James Middleton began dating in June 2022. In a July 2022 video, Shannon posted that she and James met abroad in Barcelona, Spain and now she’s meeting his parents in London…so it appears that their whirlwind romance got serious fast. The duo proved that long distance relationships can work if both put the time and effort in. 

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The former Uncommon James star has featured her beau on her podcast, Probably a Podcast as well as a few YouTube videos. In the videos, they discuss their relationship, as well as popular phrases and foods from their respective home bases. James is a “London Boy” as Shannon refers to him in the title of her YouTube videos, and she’s American. The duo are very entertaining together, and get along great. 

Middleton is a fitness coach with over 250,000 Instagram followers. His popularity is due to his successful clientele, but he’s humble about his achievements. He was also on a reality television competition series called Survival of the Fittest, where he became well-known due to his relationship with a former co-star. Read more from Feeling the Vibe’s update on him and Shannon’s relationship here

When did Shannon and James get engaged? 

James and Shannon got engaged on September 19, 2023. Shannon posted the news to her Instagram, writing: “For once it’s not a probably 💍.” The couple were on a getaway to Percy Priest Lake in Tennessee, where it looks like James popped the question as the sun was setting. The golden hour photo has racked up over 150,000 likes in under 24 hours. 

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Ford also posted a video showing off her engagement ring, where she referenced a Taylor Swift lyric in her caption. “I’d marry you with paper rings but I’m so glad I don’t have to @james.middleton_ !!!,” she wrote. 

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What other milestones have they celebrated? 

Prior to getting engaged, the two continued their adventures in summer 2022 with a trip to Portugal. In July of that year, Shannon celebrated James’ birthday with an Instagram tribute. Middleton did the same for his then-girlfriend in November 2022 while they were in Cape Town, South Africa. Since they’re engaged now, he’ll get to call Shannon his fiancée in his birthday post to her this year. 

In June 2023, they celebrated their one year anniversary. Shannon celebrated the occasion with film from her Spain trip where they first met. “If you had asked me a year ago if I’d be in a long distance relationship I would have confidently said ‘Helllll no, how do people even do those?!’ Then I met James. And it wasn’t a question. We didn’t have to weigh the pros and cons. We didn’t have a sit down conversation on logistics. We both wanted to.. so we did,” Ford gushed on Instagram. “I still cant believe that I merely passed your fine ass on a street in Barcelona and now I’ve spent the most memorable, magical, and serendipitous year with you. I am obsessed with lovin you ❤️ @james.middleton_,” she finished in her dedication.

What’s even greater is how supportive the two of them are about each other’s accomplishments. Shannon’s posted about how great of a guy and trainer James is; he’s boasted about all she’s done to help them buy their first house together. Being able to celebrate their victories together has been exciting for the couple.

Congrats to Shannon Ford and James Middleton on their engagement. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @probablyshannon and @james.middleton_ to keep up to date with their wedding plans and everyday life. 


From Dating to Engaged: Shannon Ford + James Middleton Relationship Timeline

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