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Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy Hang Out with Former Patriots Rob Gronkowski – See Photos

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Donnie Wahlberg with Rob Gronkowski of The Patriots

Football season has begun and Blue Bloods actor Donnie Wahlberg is all in!

As a big fan of the New England Patriots, Wahlberg was so happy to get together with the former NE Patriots Tight End, “Gronk.” In a recent Instagram snap, the 50 year old actor and singer posted a cute selfie of the group.

We have to also mention that Donnie is a Selfie Champ – literally. Back on the NKOTB cruise, he was determined to make the selfie record. He was able to capture 122 selfies in just three minutes, setting the Guinness World Record for most selfies taken in 3 minutes.

Below you will see the photo of Wahlberg, his wife Jenny McCarthy, Gronk and his partner Camille.

Wahlberg set the record straight so media outlets didn’t speculate that this photo meant more than what it actually is. He said, “Unlike almost every article, discussion, interview, blog, news report or click bait headline (speculating, gossiping or hypothesizing) about a potential (or imminent) @gronk return — THIS POST IS NOT ABOUT A @gronk COME BACK. This is just a post to say that @jennymccarthy and I had a great time hanging with @gronk and @camillekostek and we wish them both nothing but love, health and happiness.

This definitely wasn’t the first time he was hanging out with Patriots. Just a few days ago he was on the field at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. What was he doing? Taking a selfie of course!

He was on the field with former Patriot Willie McGinest Jr and New Edition member Mike Bivins.

Wahlberg captioned the photo, “Two of the best to ever do what they do — @williemcginest of the @patriots and @617mikebiv of #NewEdition! Hope this won’t be the only time I hang in a stadium with Mr Biv.

He has also been quite busy filming scenes for the upcoming 10th season of CBS’s Blue Bloods, where he actually bumped into another sports star Enes Kanter of the Celtics.

Catch Donnie Wahlberg as Danny in Blue Bloods on CBS, Friday September 27th at 10pm EST.


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