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Did Juliette & Sam from Siesta Key Break Up?

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Juliette & Sam, Siesta Key

Even though Siesta Key aired their season 3 finale a couple weeks ago, that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of drama amongst the cast. One example took place this week with Juliette Porter and Sam Logan. So, where do they stand now? And what does that mean for their relationship? Get those answers – and more details! – below.

Update* March 2022 – Juliette and Sam have officially broken up. Juliette is now dating Clark Drum.

What happened between Juliette and Sam?

Fans started wondering if there was trouble between the Siesta Key couple when Juliette archived a few of her photos with Sam on her Instagram. A few fan pages then reported that Sam was responding to comments over Instagram about he and Juliette’s relationship. These comments began on late Tuesday / early Wednesday, where Sam admitted that it came as a little bit of a surprise, but there wasn’t one specific reason as to why they broke up. He did say it was mutual. You can read his full response(s) below:

Image Credit: IG @SiestaKeysFanPage.
Image Credit: IG @SiestaKeysFanPage.
Image Credit: IG @SiestaKeysFanPage.

His last photo with Juliette was posted on July 29, but Juliette still liked his most recent IG photo. Same thing for Juliette’s Instagram, although she has since unarchived the photos of she and Sam.

So, now where do they stand?

Well, get this Siesta Key fans: while celebrating Chloe Trautman’s birthday, both Mike and Steph (Sam and Juliette’s friends) posted the two of them on their Instagram Stories. Mike managed to capture the two hugging and laughing, while Steph caught them kissing! Safe to say that “Jam” (their fan-made couple name) is back on! You can see the photographic evidence below, which includes a cameo from the birthday girl too.

Sam and Juliette at Chloe's birthday party
Image Credits: IG Stories @MikeAVaz, @DoctaSteph, & @JuliettePorter.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the last screenshot was from the video that Juliette reposted to her Instagram account. She wouldn’t really post about her hugging Sam if they weren’t back together, you know? Need even more proof? Sam himself responded to another couple fan comments asking if: he still loved Juliette, and if they were back together. His replies? Yes and yes. See for yourself below:

Image Credit: IG @SiestaKeysFanPage.
Back and better than ever. Image Credit: IG @sam_jlo.

We’re happy that Juliette and Sam are back on track, as in the season finale, she and Sam had finally made things official. Juliette and Sam make a good couple, not to mention they’ve become quite a fan-favorite. We’re glad to see them happy again! If you want to see more of the couple, be sure you’re following Juliette and Sam on Instagram, as that’s where they post the most often. If you want to see them in action, there’s always reruns of Siesta Key to watch on MTV.


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