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Alex Warns Sam Logan Away from Juliette on ‘Siesta Key’

Juliette Porter was in full rebound mode diving headfirst into her relationship with Sam Logan on Tuesday’s episode of ‘Siesta Key’ – despite Alex Kompo sending shady text messages to Sam, warning him to stay away from Juliette.

In the midst of planning a gender reveal party with Alyssa to find out the sex of their new baby, Alex still couldn’t get his mind off of Juliette.

In a conversation between Juliette, Chloe, Sam, and Mike – Sam revealed that he had been invited to Alex and Alyssa’s gender reveal party, but was on the fence about going, saying, “Yea I was invited but I’m like 50/50 on if I should go or not. Alex has been texting me a little shade, since I’ve been kicking it with Juliette.”

Sam further explained that Alex was forcing him to pick a side, between him and Juliette. To which Sam made it abundantly clear that he was team Juliette.

And after deciding not to attend the gender reveal party, Sam instead invited Juliette and a group of their friends on his yacht – where things between Juliette and Sam started to progress even further.

Juliette was hanging all over Sam with their friends on the yacht, and she even referred to him as her new man.

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It seemed as though Juliette might actually be falling for Sam. So much so that she might finally be ready to let go of her longtime love of Alex – or not?

Keep tuning in on Tuesdays to see who stays together and who breaks up on Siesta Key.

Watch Siesta Key Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.


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