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Siesta Key’s Sam Logan Confirms Juliette Porter Breakup on Social Media

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Trouble in paradise once again. A little less than a year after rumors first swirled about the status of their relationship, it seems like Siesta Key couple Sam Logan and Juliette Porter have called it quits. PEOPLE first reported the news, but social media outlets had already been speculating when Sam himself responded to fan comments on old Instagram photos of he and Juliette. Get all the details on their relationship drama below.

Juliette & Sam on Siesta Key: Where did they leave off?

On Siesta Key‘s fourth season, Juliette Porter and Sam Logan were in a good place. The duo spent some quality time in Palm Island, Grenadines, and made major moves in their relationship – literally. Towards the end of the season, Sam asked Juliette to move in with him. While she initially said she had to think about it, her answer turned to a “yes” by the season finale. She and Sam’s parents finally met too, hitting it off instantly. Everything was looking up for the happy couple.

Sure, they had some arguments and minor disagreements, but what couple on the hit MTV reality show hasn’t? It’s tricky to have cameras around all the time, plus fans know the one new denominator between Juliette and Sam: Jordana Barnes. Jordana was friends with Sam’s ex-girlfriend, Brittany Russell. After Sam and Brittany ended things, he and Jordana hooked up. Onscreen, we saw Sam commission Jordana to paint a portrait of Juliette, and the end product wasn’t exactly what Juliette hoped for. Then, on the island, Jordana’s overly-flirty comments angered Juliette.

The last obstacle Sam and Juliette had to overcome was her initial hesitation to move in with him. Juliette originally alluded to their age difference being a factor – she was 23, he was 29 at the time of filming – but then, she admitted she was nervous about making such a big commitment. Despite all their back and forth, they landed on solid ground by season four’s end, and it seemed like nothing could tear them down.

Where are Sam Logan & Juliette Porter now?

Of course, Siesta Key is known for throwing curveballs into plot lines for added drama. One such plot line for the second half of season 4? The appearance of Sam’s ex, Brittany. At the last minute or two of the season 4 finale, fans were shocked by her arrival. Brittany met up with fellow cast member Amanda Miller, and the two caught up on things, including the fact that Brittany’s peers told her how Sam was still talking about her. Yeah, that was a little bit awkward.

In terms of social media, both Juliette and Sam were still posting photos and tagging each other in their Instagram Stories. The two have close birthdays, both a few days apart in July (Sam’s is July 3; Juliette’s is July 7), so they each posted about their respective celebrations. Sam rang in the big 3-0 with a photo of he and Juliette kissing at his party. You can see it below.

Since the season 4 finale aired at the beginning of August, things seemed to be good for the couple. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. Earlier in the week of August 15, Sam began replying to fan comments on old IG photos of he and Juliette. When a fan asked if he and Juliette were still dating, he gave a simple one-word answer: “No.” He elaborated in another comment, writing that “she’s an amazing person. Some things just don’t work out and being in the public eye def[initely] doesn’t help.”

Sam’s reiterated in different fashions that he’s single, and he insists that he keeps some of their old photos up because he likes the memories. He also hopes that they can be cordial. Since he is single, he’s living the single life to the fullest. Sam’s been spotted on yachts with his friends, going to brunches and other activities with a few girl friends. But no, he’s told Siesta Key fans that he’s not trying to flaunt it; he wants Juliette to be happy too.

As far as the whole Brittany situation? Sam didn’t want to be dragged into too many questions regarding his past romance during the reunion. He wrote within the IG comments that “it’s weird up on a stage w[ith] 20 lights in your eyes and 60 people watching and didn’t wanna elaborate and get drawn into Brittany questions.” In case you’re wondering, Brittany’s happy with her current boyfriend, so it’s not like she and Sam will be getting back together.

When Feeling the Vibe reported on Juliette and Sam’s rocky relationship around this same time last year, the two took a short break before getting back together. It’s unclear if this is a longer break, or if there’s really no chance of the two repairing their relationship. Juliette unfollowed Sam on her personal and professional Instagram accounts, deleted a few recent couple-y photos; plus, her IG stories are pretty telling too.

She posted one that read: “Let’s normalize not calling women crazy when they react to disrespect.” Her next story showed a photo of her passport and boarding a plane, which she captioned: “May not be returning.” From the photo, it appears she’s heading to Paris for a trip. Whether it’s for work or leisure remains to be seen.

Be sure you’re following Juliette and Sam on Instagram to see if there’s any hope of a reconciliation on the horizon, or if either posts during their single days. Juliette is @julietteporter, and Sam is @sam_jlo. A release date for Siesta Key season 4B has yet to be announced, but the cast finished filming earlier this spring.


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