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Siesta Key’s Alyssa Salerno Gives Birth to Baby Girl with Boyfriend Alex Kompo – See Photos!

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Tuesday’s premiere of Siesta Key isn’t the only thing that Alex Kompothecras is celebrating. His girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno has given birth to their baby girl! Keep reading to find out more details, as well as see some photos of their new little family.

When did Alyssa give birth? Details on their baby?

Alyssa gave birth at 7:24 AM on June 11, 2020 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. According to her newest Instagram post, their beautiful baby girl weighed in at 8 pounds, 3 ounces.

Both parents were present at the birth, and for such an experience, the new mother looked positively glamorous thanks to her lash extensions and pulled back hair.

Alyssa had been tagging their posts with #TheATeam, which led fans to believe they would be choosing an “A” name for their baby girl. They were right: welcome to the world, Alessi! The newly minted trio now consists of Alex Kompothecras, Alyssa Salerno, and their little girl, Alessi. You can see Alyssa’s full IG post below:

Any other details to know?

Don’t worry Siesta Key fans: Alex also posted the good news on his Instagram. Our featured photo actually comes from his IG, and he used the same photos Alyssa posted on her social media. The two photos in question feature a close-up of their baby girl, Alessi, as well as a family photo in the delivery room.

Those weren’t the first photos they’ve posted regarding their pregnancy though. Feeling the Vibe reported that Alex shared their pregnancy announcement on his Instagram back in December; just last week, we covered Alyssa’s pregnancy update. Of course their Siesta Key cast mates (e.g: Madisson Hausburg) have been super supportive – well, almost all of them.

Juliette Porter has been radio silent in the comments section of either IG page – not that we can blame her. It’s probably still odd to see her ex-boyfriend be a father to his new girlfriend’s baby. Though she did tell US Weekly that “maybe [Alex] is different now” so it looks like she’s accepted their different paths in life. If you remember, Juliette has a new boyfriend in her life too, so both have moved on.

Fans will see her reaction to Alex and Alyssa’s pregnancy in season 3B of Siesta Key, as it’s a featured storyline for the second half of the new season.

But, back to Alex and Alyssa’s good news. The proud new parents have also been sharing photos of Alessi on their Instagram Stories, which we have for you below to see! The happy couple celebrated with some food and drinks too, which are also included in the collage.

Image Credits: IG Stories @Alex_Kompo & @AlyssaNoelSalerno.

Even Alex’s mom posted a sweet photo of she and her new granddaughter. “From the moment I first saw you. I knew you were mine to love forever! Alessi Elizabeth Kompothecras Welcome to my heart forever…and ever…” she wrote.

We wish Alex and Alyssa a huge congrats on the birth of Alessi; they are truly living their best life right now. If you want to see the start of their pregnancy journey, be sure you tune in to season 3B of Siesta Key, which premieres Tuesday, June 16 at 8/7 c only on MTV.


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