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Siena Agudong’s Best Feel-Better Tip During Quarantine – Video Inside!

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Former No Good Nick star Siena Agudong has been quarantining like the rest of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, so she knows the ups and downs her fans might be facing right now. In light of that, Siena took to social media to share a helpful tip for how to beat boredom and/or the blues that may pop up during this unprecedented time. Keep reading below for Siena’s feel-better tip, and to see her full IGTV video.

What’s Siena’s best quarantine tip?

The star of Disney Channel’s Upside Down Magic recently sat down on Instagram to check in with her fans and wish them well. Siena also shared her favorite way for staying upbeat during these chaotic times: exercise! She knows that while “everyone says” that staying active is the best thing to do, but she really means it!

When Siena says “staying active” she means to do something, anything that makes you happy. Whether that’s dancing in your room to music, or hitting the pavement for a walk, she just wants her fans to do it for their mentality. She mentions that exercise releases endorphins, and she knows it definitely makes her feel better after doing it. So, she encouraged her followers to do the same, at least to try it for the day.

Any other details?

Siena reminded her fans that they should stay active and keep upbeat because they want to, not for any other reason. She doesn’t want people to push themselves too far – that’s counterproductive to her tip’s effectiveness!

Aside from being active to stay happier, Siena’s had another reason to be happy these days: her new Disney Channel Original Movie! Siena will be starring in the new film, Upside Down Magic as Reina, one of the kids surrounded by magic in the world.

The movie is based off the Scholastic book series Upside Down Magic by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, and Emily Jenkins. It’s set to premiere on July 31 at 8 PM on Disney Channel.

In the meantime, you can see Siena’s full IGTV on keeping positive during quarantine below:

Be sure you’re following Siena on Instagram and Twitter so you can see what else she’s up to – we bet she’ll be live tweeting during the film since she’s been doing a ton of (virtual) press for it recently!


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