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Who is Anthony Turpel? 5 Fun Facts About the ‘No Good Nick’ Actor, Will

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Anthony Turpel on No Good Nick

Meet Anthony Turpel. You saw him enter Netflix’s second half of its sitcom, ‘No Good Nick.’ Nick met her match when Will entered the picture as the “male con artist.”

Keep reading below to get to know Anthony a little better with these 5 fun facts.

He Was Born in 2000

Anthony Turpel
Anthony Turpel

The ‘No Good Nick’ actor is 19 years old. His birthday is January 26, 2000 and was born in the city of lights, Los Angeles, California.

2. Appeared in The Bold & The Beautiful

Anthony Turpel on the Bold & The Beautiful
Anthony Turpel on the Bold & The Beautiful

You may recognize Turpel from his role on the CBS soap opera, “The Bold & The Beautiful.” We wonder if he is friends with B&B co-star Nia Sioux. He started his role of RJ Forrester in 2016.

3. Went to the Emmy’s with his On-Screen Girlfriend

Courtney Grosbeck and Anthony Turpel at The Emmy's

Anthony attended The Emmy Awards with his Bold & Beautiful co-star and on-screen girlfriend, Courtney Grosbeck. We think they make a very cute couple!

4. He is a Video Gamer

When he’s not busy acting on The Bold & The Beautiful or No Good Nick, Anthony likes to enjoy his downtime. He admitted that he loves playing video games, just like most 19 year olds!

5. He is a Disneyland Fan

Anthony loves having fun at Disneyland in California. Two years ago, he posted two photos of himself on a ride at none other than Splash Mountain. Check out the before and after above.

There you have it! Are you on Twitter? If you want more fun facts about Anthony, tweet us “Yes, I want more Anthony” @feelingthevibe!


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