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12 Fun Facts About Siena Agudong, Nick in ‘No Good Nick’ on Netflix

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Siena from 'No Good Nick' on Netflix

Meet Siena Agudong. She will be appearing on your TV screens in Netflix’s premiere of, “No Good Nick” co-starring Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin.

Rated PG, No Good Nick is not your average TV drama. Agudong will play the main character, Nick, a teenage con artist with a secret agenda who claims to be the distant relative of an unsuspecting family.

So who is Siena Agudong, aka Nick from ‘No Good Nick?

1. She was born and raised in the tropical state of Hawaii.

2. You might recognize her from Nickelodeon’s 2018 series, Star Falls as Sophia Miller.

3. Siena has one older sister, Sydney who is also an actress.

4. Loves indoor rock climbing and playing soccer.

5. She is currently dating singer and dancer, Connor Finnerty. Siena is super supportive of her boyfriend!

6. She is very close to her mom, posting this cute photo on Instagram. The caption reads, “hey guys this is my amazing mama ;)…she is the mother of this child that doesn’t know how to neatly wear a scarf

7. Her favorite food is mangoes and pickles.

8. When asked if it’s hard for her to relate to the characters she plays on TV, she said “yes and no.” She relates to Sophia because they both love animals.

9. She describes her experience in high school as “not that bad.

10. She met actor Matt Cornett (High School Musical: The Series) at an acting camp for Nickelodeon.

11. She is petite! Measuring at “5’1″ & 3/4”

12. So thankful to be working with the cast of No Good Nick, often posting behind the scenes photos from set.

There you have it! 12 fun facts about Siena, “Nick” from Netflix’s ‘No Good Nick!’

The star of the Netflix series once trained professionally with another young star as we mentioned above. Matt Cornett will be appearing in the new Disney Channel ‘High School Musical: The Series?’

No Good Nick‘ will stream on Netflix Monday, April 15, 2019.


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