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Netflix Releases New Trailer for ‘No Good Nick’ Season 1 Part 2 – Get Premiere Date Inside!

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'No Good Nick' Part 2, Season 1

Lights, camera, action: Netflix’s No Good Nick is back for part 2 of their epic first season, and things only get crazier from here!

The popular sitcom stars Melissa Joan Hart and Sean Astin as the suspicious patriarchs of Nick (Siena Agudong), the unexpected new addition to their family. Viewers of part 1 were left off with Liz (Melissa Joan Hart) finding an envelope containing records relating to Nick, only the photos don’t match the girl living in their house. This of course only adds to her son Jeremy’s suspicions of their house guest, as he continues to try and uncover more dirt on Nick.

In part 2 of the series, Nick schemes to get a job at Ed’s (Sean Astin) bank so she can have easy access to money. Yeah, so much for her con artist ways being behind her.

So is she only in it for the money to help her imprisoned dad? Or is her heart starting to feel something other than trickery and deceit?

Check out the full trailer below and decide for yourself!

Siena (Nick) and Lauren (Molly) love to keep their fans in the loop. In the first episode of season one, the girls gave a look behind the scenes and everything that goes into creating one of their Netflix episodes.

If you want a recap on who Siena and Lauren are, we have a video of fun facts to get to know them better. Check it out below!

You can catch all 10 episodes of No Good Nick when they become available for streaming on Netflix starting August 5!


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