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5 Cute Moments Between David and Kendall from ‘Paradise Hotel’

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David and Kendall Cute Moments

We know you can’t get enough of summer romance and neither can we!

The dating show that kicked off the summer, FOX’s ‘Paradise Hotel,’ create some really cute and addicting relationships along the way for both the cast and the viewers.

One of the most loved couples in the bunch both hailed from the west coast. They are, David and Kendall. We reported previously that these two were still dating and together following the season finale of ‘Paradise Hotel.’ When they arrived back in California, they continued hanging out and getting to know each other according to Kendall.

We want to take you back to where it all began…on a tropical beach in Mexico with sexy singles meeting.

Top 5 Cutest Moments Between David and Kendall

Never Have I Ever

When the group of Paradise Hotel all gathered, they decided to play a game to pass the time on the tropical island. But they more than passed the time…they got more than they bargained for in this fun round of “Never Have I Ever.” David hesitantly answers their questions as he laughs and Kendall hides behind a throw pillow. So cute – take a look at the clip below.

Spin the Bottle

In yet another round of a popular party game, David and Kendall became the spotlit couple in the group. It seemed like almost every guy got the chance to kiss Kendall and David had just about enough. When cast member, Hans was egged on to kiss her, David got quite protective and used his strength to keep Hans away. Check out the official clip below:

It’s Getting Hot & Heavy

…Not between David and Kendall. The pair were newly formed when they were hanging out on the lounge chairs after a long day at the beach. Kendall was wrapped up in a blanket when David spots Tyler and Rosanna “getting after it” right there in front of them at the bar. David as a self proclaimed “genuine guy” and “not a playboy,” was uncomfortable watching these two having PDA. Watch below!

I’m Sorry

David can read Kendall’s mind and he isn’t afraid to admit when he’s wrong. Points for David! After saying something insensitive in the group to “look cool” he realized how Kendall took it and ran after her to apologize. Take a look at the clip from the show at :59

It’s Getting Cold in Here

In one of their challenges on ‘Paradise Hotel,’ the cast had to obtain a key that was hidden in a giant popsicle. In order to get the key, each couple had to strategize how to melt that popsicle down to win. Check out the cold ice pop challenge below:


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