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What Will Happen on the ‘Paradise Hotel’ Girls and Guys Mixer Tonight – Spoiler!

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Girls Mixer on "Paradise Hotel"

New guys and girls mix it up on tonight’s all-new episode of FOX’s Paradise Hotel. Each group throws a mixer, so that the girls can meet the new guys, and vice versa. The stakes are pretty high as this party is some people’s last chance at finding love.

The Girls Meet the New Guys

Jared seems to hit it off with Tatum as the two talked about the much needed change of scenery. What will that mean for Tatum and her since day 1 partner Bobby Ray?

Kendall who has been with her roommate David since the very beginning seems quite excited for the new guys to arrive.

As for Brittany, it’s her final shot to find a love connection, so she hits up Brad to see if they click over champagne. Check out the full clip below:

Does Jair Make a Love Connection?

Turning to the Guy’s Mixer pool party, they are certainly letting loose with some new girls. You may recognize Jamie from a previous episode. She is entering “Paradise Hotel” and makes a connection with America’s choice Jair.

Jair and Jamie connected instantly, bonding over fraternities and sports. Jamie was in Tri-Delt (Delta) and Jair was a Pi, so these two have a lot in common. Jamie also loves basketball, which is right up Jair’s alley! Check out the full clip of their party below:

Everyone is still on the edge of their seats after the dramatic elimination ceremony from last week’s episode. After Tyler and Rosanna’s relationship was shaken up by Tyler’s ex, Shailee, she is at jeopardy for going home.

Host, Kristin Cavallari also shared her thoughts and feelings on the contestants and how they’re coupling up. She even gave the others some advice on which couple she would want to eliminate first and why.

You can catch all the fun in the sun on tonight’s all-new episode of Paradise Hotel, airing at 8/7 c on FOX.


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