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Siesta Key’s Juliette Porter Launches Swimwear Line – Details Inside!

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It may be winter right now, but Siesta Key‘s Juliette Porter is already thinking of summer with her new swimwear line. While her full line won’t be launching until next season, she did give fans a sneak peek as to what her swimwear designs would look like. She’s teamed up with Blonde Addiction Label for a limited edition collaboration line featuring bright, sunny swimsuits that everyone will love. Get more details on her new venture below.

What does Juliette’s collab look like?

Juliette announced on her Instagram page earlier this week that she had partnered with Blonde Addiction Label to launch a limited line of swimsuits. She said that she’s doing this prior to the official launch of her own line, and she “couldn’t be more excited” about this new adventure. She’s working with Meredith Grier and Jaymi Z. Washburn, both of whom were on Siesta Key last season, according to Juliette’s IG post. Meredith is the co-owner of Blonde Addiction Label, and Jaymi is the co-owner of Trend Studio Bali, where Juliette’s full line will be designed.

As you can see, the swimsuits in this limited edition collection are a vibrant yellow, which makes sense considering 1) Juliette’s Siesta Key background and 2) Florida is known as the “Sunshine State.” Yellow also works for most skin tones, and it’s just a fun color to jumpstart a collection with. There are 4 pieces (separates) in this Blonde Addiction x Juliette Porter collab: two bikini tops, and two bikini bottoms.

There’s a bandeau style top, which Juliette is wearing in the first Instagram photo above; she paired hers with the classic bikini bottoms, which are a basic style. There’s also the knotted bikini top, which has straps and a delicate knot design in the front. You can pair that with the matching knotted bikini bottom, which has a double knot design along the sides.

You can see Juliette model both styles below:

Any more details on Juliette’s full swimwear line?

As we said before, Juliette’s Blonde Addiction Label collaboration was a sort of “preview” of what’s to come in her official swimwear line. Juliette has already started social media marketing for her own line, which is known as: JMP The Label. JMP stands for Juliette’s first, middle, and last name.

We already know Juliette’s designing her brand with Trend Studio Bali, which is a Bali-based company. They design swimwear, intimates, and resort wear, pretty much giving their clients endless summer vibes. Judging by JMP The Label’s IG page, that’s what Juliette is aiming for too. From tropical images to inspired messages, Juliette’s brand is all about having fun and being confident, two things the Siesta Key star is known for.

Juliette’s announcement comes on the heels of her co-star Kelsey Owens’ news that her line (by Kelsey Owens) is releasing swimwear. By contrast, Kelsey’s designs are more girly, with more muted, pastel-like colors, at least that’s what she’s previewed on her own Instagram page. Shop her line here.

If you remember, the roommates did get into a bit of an argument over both of their design dreams, but they settled it later on in a different Siesta Key episode. Besides, Juliette has shown support for Kelsey’s endeavors, and Kelsey has given Juliette love for hers.

We can expect Juliette’s JMP The Label to launch in Spring 2021 (as well as Kelsey’s). Be sure you’re following them on Instagram for more news on their collections.


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