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Siesta Key’s Kelsey Owens Launched Product Line – Details Inside!

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While fans saw Kelsey Owens argue with roommate and Siesta Key co-star Juliette Porter over a swimwear line, since then, she’s launched her own product line. Her brand, “By Kelsey Owens,” includes beach-inspired items like towels and bags, as well as some iconic phrases from the show. Get more details on the line below, plus where you can shop it yourself!

What inspired Kelsey to launch “By Kelsey Owens?”

Remember when Kelsey said she wanted to do a swimwear line? Well, that idea inspired her to launch “By Kelsey Owens,” which will eventually include her own bikini line! The overall theme to her brand is very reminiscent of her time on Siesta Key, as it includes beach accessories and summer inspired patterns. Perfect for any Florida girl, or anyone who wishes they lived in a summer all year round town!

Even cooler? What makes Kelsey’s process unique is that she is asking you for input! Yes, you read that right: the MTV star creates polls and questions on her Instagram Stories that ask her fans what they want to see. One of her first forays into this method was asking for opinions on what these cropped sweatshirts should say. Phrases include “Messy, Messy” (as in her nickname from season 1 of Siesta Key, “Messy Messy Kelsey”), “I Can’t Even,” and “Decide Your Vibe.” You can check out examples of what’s to come below:

Image Credit: IG @ByKelseyOwens; Logo Credit: Twitter/ByKelseyOwens.

What can you buy now, and where can you shop?

While the bikini line isn’t here yet, her accessories are, and they are every bit as fun as the rest of Kelsey’s brand. The Siesta Key star recently announced that the accessory line had launched, which includes: cell phone cases, laptop sleeves, stickers, masks, beach towels, and beach totes.

Her logo is featured on some of the items (you can see said logo in the photo above), as well as cheeky phrases like “Hush Purse” – which is most likely an ode to Chloe’s Celiné bag that was mentioned in this season! You can see the whole accessory product line below; simply click on the photo(s) to shop:

Images Credit: By Kelsey Owens.
Images Credit: By Kelsey Owens.
Images Credit: By Kelsey Owens.
Images Credit: By Kelsey Owens.

And Siesta Key fans, guess what? Kelsey’s doing a limited edition cropped sweatshirt for the season 3 finale and reunion special – it’ll be available on Tuesday, so be sure you’re following Kelsey, as well as her brand, “By Kelsey Owens” on IG to see more updates! You can catch Kelsey on MTV’s Siesta Key, which airs Tuesdays at 8 PM EST.


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