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‘Siesta Key’ Sneak Peek: Chloe Tells Amanda About Alex and Juliette’s Nashville Hookup

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Amanda Miller and Chloe Trautman

Chloe Trautman was right when she said “secrets are never safe in Siesta Key,” because when MTV’s hit reality show returns next week, bombshells are dropped that affect quite a few people. There’s never a shortage of drama on Siesta Key, so keep reading below for what Chloe revealed to co-star Amanda Miller about infamous couple Alex Kompothecras and Juliette Porter.

So, what was the big secret?

In a sneak peek of season 3 part 2, fans see Chloe and Amanda meet up to talk. If you remember, the two, along with Juliette, had a bit of a falling out in Nashville during the midseason finale.

While the trio didn’t speak anymore in Nashville, apparently Chloe and Amanda are trying to mend the fence in their friendship. In the clip, Amanda asks Chloe if she did something, to which she responded: “kind of.”

While Chloe did not do anything actionable, she did hold on to the secret of what really happened in Nashville. As in, what happened between exes Alex and Juliette. You can check out the clip for yourself below:

Chloe kept Amanda waiting long enough, and she ended up telling her about Juliette and Alex’s Nashville hookup. Now that Siesta Key‘s resident gossip girl has spilled a major secret, what will that do to their once tight-knit group of friends?

Any other details?

Interestingly enough, the camera did pan over to Chloe’s purse, and the official Siesta Key Instagram account captioned the IGTV video with: The cat is out of the bag… ?, complete with the pink coin purse emoji.

Is it alluding to the moment from the season 3B trailer that showed Chloe may have accepted a bag over her friendship with Alex’s girlfriend Alyssa? Was Chloe really able to be bought? Perhaps, but maybe it was the wake up call she needed to get her priorities straight.

Sharing secrets isn’t always fun…especially if there’s no one around to listen. Maybe Chloe has finally learned her lesson, but is that enough to salvage her friendships with Alyssa and Alex?

Knowing Amanda, the resident pot-stirrer of the group, she might use that tidbit of information about Alex and Juliette’s hookup to cause some trouble. Of course, with this crew, it’s only a matter of time before their pasts catch up with them.

We’ll have to wait and see how fast the news spreads when Siesta Key returns on June 16 at 8/7 c only on MTV.


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