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Michael Campion from ‘Fuller House’ Reveals How a Fan Can Get His Attention on Instagram – Exclusive!

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Michael Campion from Fuller House

Your phone buzzes, you’re compelled to check your newest notification. Think of the surprise you would feel as you see it’s a notification from Instagram saying your favorite celebrity just commented or liked one of your posts! How cool would that be?

We caught up with Michael Campion from Netflix’s ‘Fuller House‘ to get the social media lowdown.

Michael boasts over 540k followers on his personal Instagram. If you see Bob Saget aka “Danny Tanner” as his profile picture, you’re on the right page. When we asked what made him choose that photo he said, “It started as a joke, but Bob loved it so much he wanted me to keep it and so I did.” He continued, “Bob is so funny and amazing.”

The Secret to Getting Michael’s Attention on IG

Back to Instagram! Now how can you capture Michael’s attention on there?

We specifically asked him and this is what he had to say. “Generally fans get my attention when they make edits of the show.” Start getting creative because Michael really does watch your videos. He continued, “I love watching them and seeing people’s creativity!

What is Going on with Jackson on ‘Fuller House’ Season 5?

Fuller House Season 5
‘Fuller House’ Cast Shooting Season 5 | IG: MichaelCampion

The ‘Fuller House‘ gang has been hard working on their fifth and sadly, final season. If you follow along with the cast on Instagram, you may notice updates coming from their profiles on Fridays (show taping days).

Feeling the Vibe asked Michael what’s coming up for Jackson on the new season. He said, “My storyline will hopefully lead to a great wrap-up for Jackson in the last season.” However, they aren’t too far into tapings currently he revealed, “To be honest I don’t know much because I only know the storyline for that week that I’m shooting. They don’t tell us what is to come in future episodes.

Get ready for a full interview with Michael coming out soon where we he tells us if he will have a love interest on season 5, who he hangs out with the most from the cast, and if John Stamos ever brings his son Billy to the set.


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