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Why John Stamos’s First Date with His Wife, Caitlin Was a Slight Disaster

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Caitlin also dishes about her first date with John which happened to be at that house. “It was a pizza party at his house but nobody else came.” John replied, “it was a party!” They also show the pizza oven where he made the pizza for Caitlin.

John Stamos and Caitlin talk about first date
Source: Architectural Digest

“First of all, he was bragging about how he made the best pizza in the world,” Caitlin shares as she remembers her first date with John.

John is actually a good cook, but that night the pizza dough didn’t come out quite well.

“I think it was some old dough and it didn’t quite work out the way he wanted it to,” Caitlin says with a laugh.

Thankfully John’s game was better than his pizza that night and Caitlin continued going out with him. (Who wouldn’t??)

With the pool, a big outdoor table and easy cooking spot, the couple shares they’ve had many pizza parties, pool parties, and more.

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We’re pretty sure Caitlin was in awe when she saw THIS in John’s backyard.

Looks like fun!


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