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Madisson Meets a New Guy in Her Acting Class on Siesta Key – Is Ish Jealous?

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Madisson and Joe on Siesta Key

Madisson Hausburg is moving forward with her life in Florida while her beau, Ismael Soto, is in Los Angeles. What is she up to? Acting, of course! The Siesta Key starlet will dive back into her acting lessons on this week’s all-new episode, but how will Ish react? Keep reading for those details!

What’s up with Madisson?

Madisson is getting back into her passion for acting, right at home in Siesta Key, Florida. On this week’s episode, she meets up with an acting teacher named Tony, who teaches a class on scene reading and monologue work.

Also in her class? A few other students, including one guy around her age named Joe. Joe is the one Madisson is indirectly paired up with to run her scene with – or she stated her Romeo & Juliet monologue to, rather. It helped Madisson to act as if she was talking to someone else, hence why Joe was picked to help her out.

Images Courtesy MTV.

So, how did Ish react?

Afterwards, Joe offered to help her run lines, to which Madisson agreed. When she phones her boyfriend, Ismael, to tell him how her class went, he was thrilled…until she mentioned this guy Joe. He decided to end their FaceTime early, stating that he needed to get back to work.

But, we can’t help but wonder: was it really about work? Or, was it a bit of jealousy? Depends on how you take his suggestion – albeit, somewhat jokingly – that Chloe (as in Siesta Key castmate Chloe Trautman) should run lines with Madisson instead!

Images Courtesy MTV.

Cue a slightly dejected Madisson, which begs the question: where does that leave her and Ish? Siesta Key airs Tuesday at 8 PM EST on MTV.


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