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Jay Cutler Changed His Phone Number After Meeting His Wife, Kristin Cavallari

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Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari – the darling of reality TV is back tonight for her season 2 premiere of Very Cavallari on E!

Last season we met Kristin’s husband Jay, former NFL quarterback for the Chicago Bears. With his no nonsense attitude and sarcasm, we can tell Kristin definitely found her perfect match.

Now, the fiery redhead, Shannon Ford who made waves in season 1 won’t be back for season 2 but we will get to see more of Kristin’s BFF Kelly! In a brand new scene from the season 2 premiere, Jay was seen giving dating advice to Kristin’s BFF, Kelly Henderson in the couple’s new Nashville home.

Kristin was taking it all in as she was cooking up some healthy meals for her family straight from her cookbook, True Roots.

Jay Cutler and wife, Kristin Cavallari | Instagram / Kristin Cav
Jay Cutler and wife, Kristin Cavallari | Instagram / Kristin Cav

She interjected the conversation between Jay and Kelly stating, ‘you had to change your phone number a week after meeting me, do you remember that?” Cutler looked confused, “I don’t actually,” turning to Kelly saying, “that doesn’t sound like me.

Sounds like Jay knew pretty quickly that Kristin was “the one” though he refuses to admit it – but hey actions definitely speak louder than words don’t they?!

After 6 years and 3 children later, Kristin and Jay are very much happily married. They live on a huge farm right outside of Nashville, Tennessee and he has proudly stepped into the farmer role – which you will see on Very Cavallari this season.

Tune into Very Cavallari on Sundays starting March 3, 2019 on E! at 10pm EST.