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How Olivia Holt Really Felt About Wearing 90’s Inspired Leotards in ‘Cruel Summer’

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Kate and Joy on Cruel Summer in 90's Leotards

Freeform’s hit teen mystery, Cruel Summer is soaring! Even though both stars, Chiara Aurelia and Olivia Holt didn’t grow up in the 90’s, they are doing a pretty great job portraying teens of the 90’s. It wasn’t always smooth sailing though, as Chiara shared a funny moment behind the scenes when Olivia Holt didn’t recognize one iconic 90’s gadget! The show displays a lot of 90’s inspired themes, including the outfits.

In order to prepare for the role, Chiara said they were given a list of iconic movies from that time for their research. In one of the first episodes, viewers see Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner joining their mothers in a group exercise class. The ladies were sporting their workout leotards and it brought us back to the good ol’ days as executive producer, Jessica Biel referred to it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

This or That 90’s Style with Olivia and Chiara

Both Olivia and Chiara sat down for a fun round of This or That 90’s Edition with TV Guide. When asked about their exercise leotards, Olivia had strong feelings! “Aerobics or pumping iron?” TV Guide asked. “Aerobics!” they responded. “Because of the leotards?”

“No, no!” Olivia Holt exclaimed. “Those leotards suck. I’m so sorry for anybody who had to wear them. They are not fun to wear,” she added. However, her co-star Chiara had a different sentiment towards the iconic 90’s gear.

“I enjoyed the leotards, they were great.” Chiara said.

Remember the scene in the rollerskating rink when they flashed to the year of 1994 when Kate Wallis went missing? We see Jeanette with Kate’s BFF’s and Kate’s BF all hanging out. Chiara lowkey loved this. TV Guide asked, “Would you rather hang out at the roller rink or the mall?”

Both girls simultaneously said, “roller rink.” “The roller rink is fun as long as you’re not falling on your face!” “Plus you’re not spending a bunch of money on stuff you already have,” Olivia Holt chimed in referring to hanging out at the mall. “I’m frugal,” she giggled. She said she once splurged on a Celine purse in a unbagging video haul.

What else do they love from the 90’s?

Olivia + Chiara: Lisa Frank, the colorful designer from that time period

Olivia + Chiara: Limited Too: The cool hip store you’d shop in for all your clothing so you felt cute going to school. Who didn’t want to be a Limited Too girl?

Olivia: Tie Dye Clothing

Chiara: Flannel

Watch the Full This or That with TV Guide Below!

Tune into Cruel Summer Tuesdays at 10pm EST on Freeform. Get a sneak peek into May 11th’s episode here with photos!


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