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Kate Wallis: 5 Fun Facts About Olivia from “Cruel Summer”

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Kate Wallis / Olivia Holt in Cruel Summer

Meet Olivia Holt. She plays Kate Wallis on Freeform’s brand new drama series, “Cruel Summer.” Who is this charismatic actress? Let’s get to know her a bit better with these 5 fun facts!

More on Kate Wallis portrayed by Olivia Holt

1. Olivia was born in Germantown, Tennessee on August 5, 1997. At age 3, her family moved to Mississippi where she grew up. She is currently 23 years old.

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2. In April 2017, Olivia Holt was picked as Elvis Duran’s Artist of the Month. This caused her to appear on NBC’s morning show, The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee. Olivia performed her hit, History. Watch the official music video, which currently has over 12 million views.

3. To fight blemishes and pimples, Olivia relies on the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask in her P.M. skincare routine. You can get a similar mask on Amazon. However, the mask is hard to lug around. So, Olivia likes to grab the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment from her bag. She told Us Magazine, “ It’s so perfect for throwing in your purse. I travel so much that I don’t always have space to have the Light Therapy Acne Mask with me.

4. In an video interview with Refinery 29, Olivia spilled what she keeps in her bag – specifically her Celine Nano Luggage Bag which she bought for herself one Christmas. “It was an investment,” Olivia said of the $2,700 bag. “I am notorious for having a shattered phone,” she confesses. Olivia uses the iPhone X. To go with her iPhone, she carries around a mobile charger. She uses the mobile charger she received as a gift.

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5. Favorite beauty products? “This is my favorite lipstick,” she says in the Refinery 29 video. Olivia likes the Neutrogena Moisturesmooth Lipstick that works as a lip color and cheek color. “It’s all about hydration, hydration station!” she said. Olivia also spilled what scent she wears on the daily. “This is my favorite perfume,” she said holding up the small bottle. Olivia wears Le Labo Bergamote 22. “I wanted something that was a signature scent of mine and what was pretty incredible about this is that I got to put my name on it,” she said.

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Tune into “Cruel Summer” on Freeform Tuesdays at 9pm EST.


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