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Chloe Files a Police Report on Juliette After Fight on ‘Siesta Key’ Season 3

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Chloe and Juliette Fight on Siesta Key Season 3

Things just got quite real. We know MTV’s ‘Siesta Key‘ brings the drama, but we’ve never seen an all out girl fight between Juliette and Chloe… before now.

On tonight’s episode we saw Kelsey and Juliette’s housewarming party, with the theme ‘Rose all Day,’ end in tears.

When the guest list was getting made up for the party, Cara was the only one not invited. Though, Juliette was hesitant to invite her once bestie, Chloe – who has a knack of saying it like it is. She doesn’t hold back on her feelings.

The housewarming party was no exception. She has been feeling neglected by Juliette for a few months. The two haven’t hung out for coffee, lunch or shopping. In addition, Juliette began dating another reality star from ‘The Bachelorette,’ Robby Hayes.

This didn’t sit well with Chloe and she felt like she needed to warn Juliette. Everything escalated to the point that these two got into a physical altercation with Juliette pulling on her hair and yanking her backwards. In addition, she ended up with a bump on her head (found by co-star Madisson Hausburg). See a quick recap on the video below.

In an upcoming sneak peek from episode 3, Chloe is talking to Cara and Madisson. “I called the cops and filed a police report,” she revealed. “I’m so sorry,” Juliette is seen saying to her frenemie Chloe. “Just go,” Chloe responds.

Find out what exactly goes down in MTV’s ‘Siesta Key’ on Tuesdays at 8pm EST.


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