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Madisson Reveals When Crush Started on Bf, Ismael Soto

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Madisson Hausburg and Ismael Soto Dating

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of the former Siesta Key producer and current boyfriend of Madisson, Ismael Soto on ‘Siesta Key’ season 3 episode 2!

In the season 3 premiere episode of the popular reality show last week, we saw Madisson reveal the relationship not only to the viewers but also to her group of friends. Ex-boyfriend and ‘Siesta Key’ castmember, Brandon Gomes had somewhat of an explosive reaction to the news when he confronted his former producer.

Brandon Gomes Confronts Ish on 'Siesta Key' Season 3

Now, in the second episode airing on Tuesday, January 14th, Madisson has another big reveal to do – this time its to her father for his approval on her relationship with Ish. (Get a sneak peek of how that goes down!)

This was definitely an emotional episode for Madisson since she not only had to reveal the news to her father, but she also had to have a heart to heart with her ex, Brandon.

When he agreed to meet with her, she knew she needed to clear the air.

When did Madisson Start Crushing on Ismael?

Ismael Soto and Madisson Hausburg from 'Siesta Key' dating
Madisson and Ismael | Credit: IG/ishSoto1

Brandon definitely needed answers and closure from Madisson in order to move on. “When did you start crushing on him?” he asked. Apparently Madisson was crushing on him from the get go when he signed on as a ‘Siesta Key’ producer 2 years prior. “I thought he was hot and had a school girl crush on him,” she said.

However, she never thought it would have led to real feelings and a real relationship. Gomes confirms, “you guys are in love, right?” An emotional Madisson nods yes.

As for Brandon, he’s eyeing another ‘Siesta Key’ girl in the newest episode airing on Tuesday, January 14th.

Tune into ‘Siesta Key’ Season 3 on MTV Tuesdays at 8pm EST.


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