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Are Cara and JJ from Siesta Key Dating?

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Cara Geswelli & JJ Mizell of 'Siesta Key'

There may be a new couple in the Florida keys! Cara Geswelli and JJ Mizell have been hanging out a lot recently, but does that mean they’re an item? We break it down for you below, so keep reading for all the details on this possible new Siesta Key couple.

So, how’d Cara and JJ meet? And when did they start hanging out?

Well as you know, both Cara and JJ appeared on the first part of season 3 of MTV’s Siesta Key. Now, Cara actually ended up leaving the show about a quarter of the way through, and went back to New Jersey. She had been dating fellow Siesta Key castmate Garrett Miller – who was Kelsey Owens’ longtime boyfriend way back when.

Cara did pop up on the midseason finale of Siesta Key when Madisson Hausburg dropped by NYC though; and at the time, Cara was living and working in New York, not to mention she had gotten back together with her Jersey ex-boyfriend.

JJ came in as a new cast member this season, as he is Amanda Miller’s ex-boyfriend. The two dated for quite a few years before breaking up. They heated right back up during filming, and it played out for fans on the first half of this season’s Siesta Key. For more on Amanda and JJ’s past, be sure to check out our article here.

Since they were both filming for MTV last year, it’s obvious that Cara and JJ were bound to run into each other. Since there are more episodes coming soon for season 3 of Siesta Key, the cast actually filmed into this fall, so it makes sense they’d still hang around each other.

Fans started noticing the two hanging out again earlier this month, specifically over the weekend of March 13, as Cara’s birthday was the 14th. JJ was seen celebrating with her on social media, from Cara’s account and their friends’.

So, what does that mean for them now?

Nowadays, the pair have been traveling around Florida and the neighboring state of Georgia. JJ posted an Instagram story on Tuesday that showed he and Cara in a car, presumably taking a road trip as it read: “15 hours down!” He also tagged Cara, as well as dropped their location: Savannah, Georgia. You can see that photo from his IG below.

Prior to that, Cara posted a few photos of she and JJ hanging out on the water, boating, and cuddling up to each other. She tagged him in a couple, all of which show the two in close proximity and making fun expressions. You can see all the photos from their social media pages below:

So, does that mean they’re dating? Not necessarily, as neither has confirmed anything publicly. It’s especially tricky as both Cara and JJ are notorious flirts, and have been known to keep “relationships” super-casual.

Of course, it is interesting timing: as in the trailer (seen below) for the back half of Siesta Key season 3 shows Amanda and JJ having a major argument, which led to their breakup. Could Cara be involved at all? It’s tough to say, but there’s never a dull moment in Siesta Key, especially when it comes to who’s hooking up with who!

Regardless of their status, we can definitely say that the two have grown closer than we’ve previously seen them; which begs the question: does Amanda or Garrett know? And if so, what do they think of this new development? Guess we’ll have to wait until Siesta Key makes its much anticipated return to MTV to see how it all unfolds.


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