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Ish Tells Madisson They “Shouldn’t Be Together” on Siesta Key

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Madisson Hausburg and Ismael Soto

A major bombshell was dropped on one of this week’s all-new episodes of Siesta Key. MTV is actually airing back-to-back episodes this week of the hit reality show, and the hits just keep coming for fan favorite cast members and couples. One such couple is Madisson Hausburg and Ismael “Ish” Soto. Keep reading below for all the details!

What’s Been Goin On With Madisson and Ish Lately?

Madisson and Ish haven’t had an easy road with their relationship. Early on, they were met with disapproval from Madisson’s father, which was only the beginning of the strain they would start to feel. When Ish had to jet off to Canada for the summer to work, Madisson was left alone in the Key.

In one of this week’s all-new episodes, Madisson reunites with her long distance boyfriend, Ish, as he comes back to visit her over Fourth of July weekend. All seems well as the pair get some much-needed face-to-face time, but things would soon take a turn.

Madisson Hausburg and Ismael Soto
Ish and Madisson

What happened with Madisson and Ish on this week’s Siesta Key?

Remember the aforementioned disapproval of Madisson’s father, John? Well, the same vein of familial dislike would take place when Ish and Madisson met up with her parents, John and Cindy, as well as her older sister, Paige.

When Madisson announced that Ish had asked her to move in with him, her family’s shocked expressions were understandable. Given the age gap, not to mention they still didn’t have her parent’s “stamp of approval” – it’s no wonder they were a bit taken aback.

That wasn’t the only surprise that occurred though. It was what happened after said meeting that we didn’t see coming. While Madisson was sure what she wanted, it was Ish that said he needed some space. When she tried to convince him otherwise, he wasn’t having it, and told her that ultimately, right now, “they shouldn’t be together.”

Madisson Hausburg from Siesta Key

We can’t forget the time when Madisson thought she might be pregnant a few episodes ago. When she called her boyfriend, he was by her side and ready to look at the pregnancy test with her. All ended up working out in the end!

But poor Madisson. She’s had one heck of a summer; and it was only half over! Will she be able to bounce back from this breakup? Or will she not be able to cope? You’ll have to watch the all-new episodes to see what she does next! Be sure to catch Siesta Key on Tuesday at 8/7 c on MTV.


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