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Alex Kompo Brings New Girlfriend Alyssa to Amanda’s Birthday on ‘Siesta Key’

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Alex Kompo & Alyssa Salerno, Siesta Key

Another birthday brings even more drama on Tuesday’s all-new episode of Siesta Key. When it’s Amanda Miller’s turn to celebrate, her party becomes the stage for a perfect storm between exes Alex Kompothecras and Juliette Porter. Keep reading below for all the details!


For those that haven’t caught up on the show, or can’t keep up with how many times Alex and Juliette have made up and broken up, allow us to refresh your memory.

Juliette and Alex finally called it quits – for good, this time! – last year, and at the time of season 3’s filming, hadn’t spoken to each other in 4 months.

Since that time, Juliette moved on to date The Bachelorette‘s Robby Hayes; and Alex hooked up with hairstylist Alyssa Salerno. You can see the happy couples in the photos below:


You’d think that since both exes had moved on into new relationships, that the drama would be a thing of the past. Well, you’d be wrong – as Amanda’s birthday party was the backdrop for another argument between the two.

It all started when Alex showed up with Alyssa on his arm; and while Juliette wasn’t shocked, she was surprised he actually stooped that low. She didn’t bring her boyfriend, Robby, to Amanda’s party out of respect for Alex – makes sense she thought he’d have the decency to do the same.

Things got even crazier when Alyssa decided to talk to Juliette. Alyssa asked Juliette that if she and Robby were “genuinely happy, moving on…then why is [her dating Alex] a problem?” Alex overheard the conversation, and decided to say his piece, which of course didn’t go over well with Juliette.

Juliette got frustrated at her ex, as Alex had been interfering with her and Robby’s relationship. Alex denied her claims, which only added fuel to the fire.

Juliette and Alex try to smooth things out on season 3 of Siesta Key
Juliette and Alex try to smooth things out on season 3 of Siesta Key | MTV

He had in fact talked to Juliette earlier that day (which you can see in the photo above) and said that he wasn’t completely over her. Even shadier was the fact that Alex told his current girlfriend that he was over Juliette – so, which is it?

Is Alex really done with Juliette? Or is he still hung up on her? And who’s Juliette supposed to believe? Find out what else happens at Amanda’s birthday party when an all-new episode of Siesta Key airs Tuesdays on MTV at 8/7 c!


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