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Juliette Porter Runs into Trouble with New Boss Courtney at Blend Fashion House on ‘Siesta Key’

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Juliette Porter and Courtney Edbrooke from Siesta Key

Juliette is officially a working girl! After graduating college this past year, she landed a brand new job right in her hometown of Sarasota, Florida at Blend.

Blend Fashion House is a new boutique where she will be working with two ladies named Lexie and Kelly. Juliette is determined to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. However, does she know what she’s getting into?

Enter Courtney Edbrooke – Juliette’s new boss. This woman means business. You can tell from her quick introduction that she is a no nonsense type of boss.

So it took guts to do what Juliette did next. She met with Courtney at a cool outdoor cafe in their hometown of Siesta Key to talk. She was in a predicument. You see, Juliette’s new boyfriend, Robby Hayes gifted her with an amazing trip overseas to Greece for her graduation! But, there’s a problem.

In order to go on the trip, she would have to ask her boss for time off – already! “I have to talk to you about something,” she starts. “Okay…” Courtney replies.

“Robby got me a trip to Greece for my graduation present and it’s scheduled for next week,” she explains. Courtney snaps back, “I hope you told him no.”

Juliette Porter's boss, Courtney from Blend on Siesta Key
Juliette Porter’s boss, Courtney from Blend on Siesta Key | Credit: MTV

“Um, I kind of didn’t know what to say,” Juliette responds. “Is there anything I can do while I’m there?” she continued.

Courtney wasn’t having any of it! “In Greece? We’re on different time zones,” she said. “You may not have a job when you get back,” she threatens.

When Juliette had to give the bad news to her boyfriend, it only made her feel worse. “Everything is, dinners, it’s all paid for,” he said. “I promise I’ll take care of it,” Juliette said.

What does Juliette end up choosing? Tune into ‘Siesta Key’ season 3 Tuesdays at 8pm EST on MTV.


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