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Who is Eileen Tauchman? 5 Fun Facts About Mike Tauchman’s Wife

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Mike Tauchman's Wife Eileen

Meet Eileen Ristau Tauchman. Her husband is Mike Tauchman. You know him from playing MLB for the New York Yankees. When Mike was called up to the major leagues this season, her name started making the rounds. Everyone is wondering who is the lady by his side in all those cute Instagram photos?

We have compiled a few fun facts about Eileen. Keep reading below.

Who is Eileen Tauchman?

1. She Married Mike in 2017

She and Mike got married in a beautiful ceremony on January 7, 2017. He calls himself a “lucky guy.”

Mike Tauchman's wedding photo
Mike Tauchman and Eileen Ristau get married

2. She Works in Marketing

Eileen Tauchman and husband Mike Tauchman

According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked for 4 years as a marketing specialist, then was upgraded as a manager for CompTIA. It looks like she started working as a freelance marketing consultant in June 2018. While she is still doing this, she also started a new job as a marketing specialist for an insurance company in February 2019.

3. London Bound

When her husband Mike got called up to be part of the London series between the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees, she couldn’t pass it up. Even though she had just started her job a few months prior, she had to ask her boss to have that time off so she can go to London with her husband. The company obliged and she got to see the sights of London with Mike.

4. Rapped for Her Sister’s Wedding

Eileen has at least two other sisters. For one of her sister’s weddings back in November 2018, she and her sister wrote and performed a maid of honor rap and speech for the crowd. You can see Eileen in this YouTube video below.

5. Honeymooned in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Shortly after their January wedding, the couple went on their honeymoon to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Get a glimpse into their tropical and sweet trip out to the island. Eileen made a montage on her YouTube channel.

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