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Giancarlo Stanton Reveals One Thing Yankees Fans Don’t Know About Him

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The 29-year old pro Yankees player, Giancarlo Stanton is revealing a fact about himself that fans will be surprised to know.

In a recent exclusive interview and photoshoot with DuJour Magazine for their April cover Stanton gets candid. Stepping out of the pinstripes uniform, the left-fielder shows he knows a thing or two about fashion.

Giancarlo Stanton on DuJour Magazine 2019
Giancarlo Stanton on April Cover of DuJour Magazine

I like to dress up and ‘fashion out’ a bit,” Stanton says. “I’m not the guy who’ll want to wear a suit every day but I like to switch it up,” he tells DuJour.

What Will Fans Be Surprised to Know About Giancarlo Stanton?

After getting traded from the Miami Marlins to the Big Apple, all eyes were on Giancarlo Stanton, the homerun hitter. While he might be very serious about his profession, he said there is another side to him fans don’t always see.

On the field I think most people think I’m super serious all the time, but I actually love to joke around and be very sarcastic,” he said.

You can see the funny side of Stanton in an Instagram video alongside teammate and #99, Aaron Judge, who both happen to be the tallest members of the current team. Stanton stands at 6’6″ and Judge at 6’7″!

Oh and whatever you do, don’t leave your phone laying around unattended in Stanton’s company. It will get hacked..selfie hacked that is. Take a look at the many selfie faces of the California native.

This isn’t the first time Stanton has been on the cover of prestigious magazines. Back in March 2018, he casually posed showing off his six-pack abs for Men’s Health Magazine.

He’s not just a gifted athlete, but he’s humble too. When asked by Men’s Health if he ever takes it for granted that he can hit a ball “that far,” Stanton responded, “No never take that for granted.” He continued, “if you do, this game will hit you right in the mouth.”

What About Giancarlo’s Personal Life?

He admits he still has a lot he wants to accomplish in his personal life, but he’s not in a rush. “I’m still young,” Stanton told DuJour. What he is focused on though?

He wants to bring his team to a championship. “My ultimate career goal is to win a championship,” he said. Although Stanton is currently on the DL and not playing, he is a hard worker and will hopefully get back out there in no time.