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Tips to Get Ready for The New Kids on the Block 2020 Cruise- Must See!

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Joey McIntyre on the NKOTB Cruise

The New Kids on the Block have been hosting days of fun at sea on a cruise ship for years now.

The guys recently announced the new dates for their 2020 cruise and we are all super stoked! Whether you are a first time cruiser, or a cruising pro…this is for you.

We spoke to a few blockheads to find out what you should know before boarding and while on board. Let’s jump in!

Malinda’s Cruising Tips

NKOTB on past cruise
Credit: Malinda

  • Comfortable waterproof shoes are a good idea.
  • Portable charger for your phone is a must as you don’t want your battery dying because you will take pictures and selfies.
  • Thrift stores are a good way to save money on theme costumes, especially if it’s something you will only wear once.

Veronica’s Cruising Tips

  • Before we set sail we say the pledge with the guys and hang out on the lido deck for a sail away party. They will crowd surf during the sail away party.
  • You do bump into the guys either by the elevators or outside of your cabins. I actually got my first Joey selfie outside of my cabin.
  • We decorate our doors and the guys walk by to look at them and they’ll sometimes sign them.
  • Every night there is a theme night. We had neon night, tv & movie night, purple night, it varies on each cruise.
  • The party does go til wee hours of the morning. And the guys will walk by and may take a selfie with you like Joey did with me on white night.
  • The guys host game nights which are hilarious.
  • They put on shows together and solo.
  • The photo line for meet & greet day does get pretty long. So you may want to get there early or hang out by the bar until the line starts getting shorter.
  • You do have to be in a photo group though, so plan ahead.
  • At dinner you don’t have to order just one dish. You can order 2 and 2 desserts.
  • You can get pizza 24/7 inside where you eat breakfast or lunch past the lido deck.
  • After you check in and you board the boat, if you’re over 21 make sure to get a drink. You get to keep the souvenir glass and I believe it’s open bar, but only for a certain amount of time.
  • All in all it is a very fun and unforgettable experience.

Megan’s Cruising Tips

Joey McIntyre on the NKOTB Cruise
Joey McIntyre on the NKOTB Cruise

  • Go with no expectations
  • Don’t be nervous
  • Have fun and make new friends
  • Wear comfy shoes along with insoles for deck parties,
  • DO NOT MISS THE SAILAWAY PARTY(sorry for the all caps LOL I thought that was a pretty important one to include since I made that mistake ??

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