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5 Fun Facts About Vanessa on “The Baker & The Beauty” (Michelle Veintimilla)

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Vanessa on The Baker & The Beauty - Michelle Veintimilla

Meet Michelle Veintimilla who plays Vanessa on ABC’s “The Baker & The Beauty.” You were introduced to her as the girlfriend of Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk). When she was looking for a commitment from Daniel, things got ugly and drove him right into the arms of superstar, Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley).

Who is the woman behind Vanessa? Let’s dive in to get to know Michelle a bit better!

1. Michelle was born on November 7, 1992 in New York City. She is currently 27 years old.

2. She was actually in her last year studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania when she got the job offer to perform in the musical, “The Visit.” Michelle performed on Broadway portraying the younger version of Chita Rivera’s character.

3. Michelle may not have captured Daniel’s heart on ‘The Baker & The Beauty,” but she is dating the love of her life in real life. Her boyfriend is Eddy Lee, who is also a performer on Braodway.

4 . Posted this sweet photo of she and Eddy to her Instagram page, saying “Happy birthday, my bunny. It’s a scary world out there but you make it better. (I’m so happy to be stuck inside with you)..”–_RSDi2-/

5 Michelle is of latin descent. She posted a photo of her ABC “familia” to Instagram. Check it out below.

6. Portrayed Hayden in the Netflix science fiction miniseries, The I-Land.

7. “Feels like I had to live up to this idea of what a Latina woman is and I don’t always live up to that. I had to learn to be sexy, drop my voice, and be sensual. I had to learn to do all these things that weren’t innately me,” she is quoted as saying to QUIERO.

8. She was very close to her grandmother aka abuelita who was born in Ecuador. Michelle described her grandmother as, “a teacher and nurturer in every sense. A woman of resilience. Fierce. Unmatched wit. Warm, warm, warm. She oozed love. She taught forgiveness. Healed with just a touch. Said a million words with just a glance. Honored quality time. Her laugh was my favorite sound. When I think of Home, she is it. Abuelita, I love you forever. I promise I’ll tell your story.”

9. During the COVID-19 quarantine, she and her “Baker and the Beauty” castmates got together virtually via Zoom. She said, “Miss this familia so much. Can’t wait til we can all dance together and hug again ❤️ But until then let’s all tune in April 13th at 10pm on @abcnetwork for our premiere!!! Only 2 weeks away!!!” Check it out.

10. Michelle portrays Vanessa, Daniel Garcia’s beautiful girlfriend in ‘The Baker & The Beauty” on ABC.

Tune into ‘The Baker & The Beauty” season one premiere on ABC April 13, 2020.


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