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5 Facts About Harry Jowsey from ‘Too Hot to Handle’

Harry Jowsey ended up finding love on Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ and gained a lot of fans from the show. Here’s five facts about him you might not have known!

1. Harry Jowsey was born May 24, 1997 and is currently 22 years old.

2. He is originally from the land down under! That’s right, Harry hails from Queensland Australia.

3. Harry has won a dating show before. He appeared on the Australian dating show Heartbreak Island in 2018 and won $100,000. This also happened to be the grand prize for ‘Too Hot to Handle’ as well. He and his ‘Heartbreak Island’ winner Georgia Bryers have since broken up. Check out a picture of the former couple below.

Harry Jowsey and Georgia from Heartbreak Island

4. He owns a clothing brand called “Naughty Possums.” They even are selling a Harry & Frankie sweatshirt which is a hod to the relationship he started with his ‘Too Hot to Handle’ partner.

5. He and his ‘Too Hot to Handle’ co-star Francesca Farago are still together nearly a year after they filmed the season finale. The pair are still going strong as they gave everyone an update on the Netflix reunion special called “Extra Hot.

‘Too Hot to Handle’ is still streaming on Netflix.


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